20 February 2009


Dear guys,

I'm now in Phuket. Yeah baby!

  1. Well, I was ordered to come here at about 5pm on Thursday and after settling my nerves (because tonight is supposed to be my weekly futsal night!!!!), I brace myself for the worst. The office asked me if I wanted to go on a 9.30am flight which I flatly refused because I haven't got any subsistence allowances from the office. No way I want to use my own money! So my flight was 6pm from KLIA and arrived here at 6.15pm (deduct 1 hour as Thai's time is an hour later).

  2. I'm here to cover a special ASEAN Finance Ministers Meeting. Malaysia is represented by our Prime Minister designated, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Tomorrow will be a long day and the D-Day is on Sunday. Me and my colleagues are looking forward for Monday when everything is finished.

  3. Wisma Putra put us all in one place, Laguna Holiday Club. It's a posh hotel apartment and the rate is 10,000 bath (roughly RM1,000 per night). Luckily all the expenses are paid by the office. hahaha.... And the most important thing is that this hotel has the 2 vital TV channels - ESPN & Star Sport. Oh my God, what a relief. Yeah Sunday evening, I won't be going to Patong. I'll be watching the LFC vs Man City.

  4. Well, we found out that Laguna Holiday Club Phuket Resort is situated about 20 miles from Patong and the taxi fares is exhuberent... 600 bath a trip. So we decided to take our dinner in the hotel and then returned to our luxurious room. We still have time to discover Phuket.

  5. Ok, this is all for now. Catch you guys tomorrow. Though I know most of you doesn't switch on the Internet during the weekend. Never mind.


Khan said...

Now I am thinking of what could be the uniquely thai thingy I could ask you to buy for me...maybe a made-in-thailand liverpool jersey? mwahahahaha!

utusanLFC said...

errr.... you should have e-mail me instead and not using this area to do so. Ok no more request! hahaha...

Khan said...

Kantoi!!! hahahaha



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