16 February 2009

Loathing Lucas by NANTHA KUMAR

Lucas performed really well during the demolition of Newcastle...

This has not been a good season for Lucas Leiva - to say the least as some of you might put it - as he contends with all that hissing amongst Liverpool supporters and insults hurled at him.

Lucas was our first signing for Season 2007/08 at £6 million and Rafael Benitez predicted that the midfielder will be challenging for the first team in Season 2008/09.

Niggling injuries which has been a constant feature of his nascent career with Liverpool as well as Brazil - have impeded his growth.

When called upon to make an impact, however, Lucas is widely seen as having failed to do so. figure? How could a player who had captained Brazil’s youngest player ever to be awarded magazine’s Bola de Ouro (Golden Ball) - an accolade once bestowed upon the likes of Zico to Kaka - and led his side to victory in the South American Youth Championship 2007 descended to the status of hate figure at Anfield?

Lucas’ credentials are beyond question here. He offers the type of versatility that only Steven Gerrard is capable of providing. Lucas is equally adept at playing in defensive and attacking roles, with an eye for goal.

His performance in the 5-1 mauling of Newcastle United in December - when he combined devastatingly with Gerrard - was hailed by even our critics as one of the most influential by any Liverpool player this term.

But the treatment that has been dished out to Lucas by Liverpool supporters here and in England is disgraceful. Not many remember that he is only 22 and chanting for the introduction of Xabi Alonso as our fellow Reds did at Fulham while not giving Lucas a chance to justify his inclusion would do more damage to his self-confidence.

He is already up against it: Brazilians have hardly set the Premiership alight and all those injuries meant less time for Lucas to adjust properly to meet the high demands of league football.

The penalty that he gave away to allow Wigan Athletic to steal a point off us and the red card in the FA Cup defeat to Everton has deepened his unpopularity.

But what do we have to lose to afford him the benefit of the doubt when he is back against Manchester City?

+ Nantha Kumar is the main writer for WALK ON : The e-newsletter of the Liverpool Supporters Club Malaysia (LSCM) www.lscm.com.my


meiguoren said...

lucas leiva... he definitely caught my eyes due to his versatility... he may not be the most physical player but he can basically play any where across the middle o the park... but the problem for him so far, he havnt quite seal a place for himself, to establish "the perfect" position for him... he can attack but not superbly, he can hold the ball but not elegantly, he can pass but not perfectly... still, he's a young lad... give him a break...

utusanLFC said...

Ok Meiguoren voted for Lucas to be given a break. Who else?

uNCLe Joe said...

put him in reserve or loan to Portsmouth...

kajang-today said...

he's a glass not a diamond. I know when I see one. Hanya jauhari not johardy mengenal manikam as the proverb goes.
Not enough opportunities? Well, beside Newcastle can you all please enlighten me on his next best game?
once again let me reiterate that he cannot pass, tackle or score. A total incomplete player.
6M gone to the dogs. I'm waiting be proven wrong, maybe in 3 years time when SG hangs up his boot.
Wishful thinking?

kajang-today said...

Nantha is asking what do we have to lose to give Lucas a benefit of the doubt?
Answer-everything. The game and the title to MU. Liverpool can forget the title should they lose another game.
Fancy giving Lucas a spot when the chips are down?
Go figure.

Khan said...

Is he really Brazilian?
Maybe he needs his break in the Reserve League. Could Liverpool afford to play so-so players during our best opportunity to win the league after 18 years?

utusanLFC said...

Zaidi hates Lucas and Kuyt. hahaha



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