10 February 2009

Scolari sacked as Chelsea manager

The Brazilian, who joined the Premier League club last summer, was expected to reinvigorate the club's fortunes and lead them to titles at home and in Europe, but after a poor run of form the axe has fallen.
Avram Grant, the man Scolari replaced, has emerged as one of the candidates on Chelsea's shortlist to replace the World Cup-winning manager. The other name thought to be on Chelsea's list is Russia's national team coach, Guus Hiddink though the bookmakers' favourites are a dream team of Gianfranco Zola and Steve Clarke.

  1. Is this shocking? Nope. Chelsea lost 2-0 to Liverpool 10 days ago. Then failed to win against Hull City last Saturday is the defining factor for his demise. Worst off all, apparently Scolari's Chelsea lost all the 3 games against the other BIG FOUR team. Chelsea lost to Arsenal (1-2), lost to Manure (3-0) and of course, double-troubled by Liverpool (1-0) and (2-0).

  2. Some commentators blamed it on the INSTANT SUCCESS SYNDROME that persisted in Chelsea, cultivated by the owner, Mr Roman Abramovich. Can't blame him. If you're in his shoe, obviously you have to do the same. Chelsea is still the most expensive team ever assembled (at least until the sheiks in Man.City really work their wealth next Jun). Thus, being in a position they are at the moment, doesn't replicate a good investment at all. Can't blame the billionaire. But can't really pity Scolari. Most of us would thought that a glamorous and World Cup Winner like Scolari could maintained and controlled the mega-dollar-star in the Chelsea dressing room. Apparently it is a no-n0. Ask Drogba.

  3. Well, Scolari's expulsion caught me off-guard. At least till 10pm last night, the news of the day was the sacking of Tony Adams. As they said, a great player doesn't necessarily can be a great manager. It might be coincidence that both the sacking took place after their defeat to Liverpool.

  4. Reading some news that one of the hated-Yankees had expressed his bewilderment towards Rafa is like reading a comic-book. Full of drama, full of adolescents. Why is it so difficult for those americans that what ever they do now, will hard to get any support or liking from the fans - not only within Liverpool county but world wide. It's one thing about Rafa and we must respect he's demand. If the americans are so concerned that Rafa's decision to buy or sale players might end them up in the lost, then the americans must leave. Football industry is not for them. Go back to your american football or otherwise known to the rest of the world, simply as rugby.

  5. Liverpool doesn't need to change its manager every 4 years. What we need is stability and maturity to develop and built a sustainable team for the future.

  6. A lousy owners like Roman Abramovich and the americans who would sack for the sake of sacking, are not welcome by the fans. Pity you guys Chelsea fan. It must be a shitty time now for all of you.


meiguoren said...

i absolutely in favor of stability... give Rafa the time to instill his philosophy and build the team that he wants... who knows, at our peak, we might have back the era where we dominated the footballing scene... who knows...

(all the best to Big Phil, and it's a pity if Avram is back in the hot seats, AGAIN! all the best to Chelshit, yeah right!!!)

utusanLFC said...

Bro... you wrote ``who knows''?... It should be written ... yeah we know! heheheh....

kajang-today said...

chelsea are out of the race, they're basically 10 points off if MU win their extra game. 10 points= 3 losses for MU.
pity scolari though.

uNCLe Joe said...

what about Rafa leaves on free transfer this summer. who will take charge? Mourinho?

utusanLFC said...

what la uncle joe? those kind of news is only the making of our distractors. Rafa will win. He knows. By June, those yankees will have to leave. That's the deadline given by the debtors to the stupid americans.



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