21 February 2009

Here comes Crazy Bellamy

  1. Remember above photo? Yes. That crazy Bellamy had a good golfing game with Risse on the eve of Barcelona game. Both ended as the match winner and both assisted each other for the goals. Crazy isn't it? But tomorrow night, Bellamy will be coming over to Anfield with Man. City. It was a brief spell at Aston Villa for him.

  2. Do you fancy Bellamy will wreck havoc at our back line? Do you think Carra would stop, dropped him easily? Bellamy didn't get too much when the last time he came to Anfield but the result was a bit disappointing for us.

  3. Bellamy is one of those former Liverpool player that wouldn't have any effect on me. I never like him to join us, in the first place. He's style of playing... albeit fast & furious but with his whining and complaining... it reminds me of one character who I play with every week and I make it a point not to be in the same team with him. When he is on the opposite side, he can complaint about me and my answer is to step up my robust playing. Then he'll get more agitated and I'll play harder and won't let him dribble because I will just body contact him to the ground.

  4. That is the way to disrupt Bellamy's game. He may be effective but he is easily distracted. He loves to complain and could be one who got the most yellow cards for dissent.

P/S : And Robinho's factor makes the game tomorrow night more alluring and determined me not to go to Patong and I will be watching the game in my room (and not beach bar...) Why should I go to beach bar when my room is so luxury. I shall take a few more photos of the room and show to you guys what I meant! All I need is peanuts, snacks and a bottle of coke and my football night would be perfect with the imminent win against Man City. You're with me? yeahhh baby!


Khan said...

Are the peanuts in Thailand any good? hehe

kajang-today said...

it's not aston villa, it's west ham la!
coke in a glass bottle tastes better.

meiguoren said...

u guys should seriously check out Sissoko's recent goal against Palermo, sheer magic!!! Y didnt he score lik dat when he's wif us? Sigh...



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