03 February 2009

DON'T CRY FOR ME, ROBBIE KEANE (of Ireland, not Argentina)

This was the only memorable goal that Keane has scored during his 6 months spell with Liverpool. Not because the opponent was Arsenal but it was authentic Keane but he misses so many in the same matches which resulted in a stalemate with the gunners.

  1. I refrained myself from posting about Keane yesterday. Simply because I don't want the celebration of toppling Chelsea to be overshadowed by it. And yesterday was good. I walk around the city of Shah Alam wearing my Liverpool shirt (without the sponsor...). In fact, I was already in front of my car to join my buddies last night, but had to cancel it due to heavy rain. So I watch The Sopranos, instead!

  2. We have discuss about his performance for quite a while. We have debated the issue. His leaving Liverpool now has also been mooted and when it was confirmed a few hours ago, it came as no surprised. He is just not delivering what he has been doing in Tottenham. The near-misses were outrages. Nobody can blame Rafa for losing interest on him when Keane failed over and over again to score during Torres's absence.

  3. I do not wish to condemn Keane. Understandably, his way of playing might not have suited Rafa's method and perhaps, coming back to Hotspur might rekindled him with what he has done best all this years. We wish you Good Luck, Mr Keane. Though we did hope you could have stay a little bit longer.

  4. From my emotional point of view, I don't really regret or sorry that Keane is leaving. At least not as soured when Peter Crouch left. That tall man was really something. When he was not scoring, he assisted a LOT for the rest to score. He's combination with Gerrard prior to Torres arrival, produced one of Gerrard's best goal scoring tally. Now that he is at Pompey, we shall be seeing him soon this Sunday.

  5. On the same note, I'm a bit furious when I read the news report that The English Football Association have confirmed no action will be taken against Jose Bosingwa over his kick at Liverpool substitute Yossi Benayoun during Chelsea's 2-0 defeat at Anfield. It was blatant kicked-on-the-ass and was spotted by the linesman.

  6. Mike Riley, you're really `special'. Luckily Liverpool won. If not, you're on the same category with one Mr Rob Style.


uNCLe Joe said...

I feel sorry to him. But Rafa the man that not has any 'kesian' thing. When u are not good enough, better leave than sorry. Happened to all the flops he bought. got offloaded.

Khan said...

some english refs are a joke..not to mention the FA..
there will not be any automatic three-match ban for lampard...

Anonymous said...

even Bosingwa not punished...
wat da f?



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