25 February 2009


  1. It definitely would be fun to watch that Real Madrid line-up are less-Spanish and Liverpool squad is more-Spanish than Real or should we spell it Re-yal?

  2. Re-yal ...errr... Real appears to be more confident coming into the game. They scored 6 goals over the previous weekend. That's the reason for the cockiness. While The Kops failed to crush Man.City. So most of the armchair analyst and bookmaker prefer Real, based on the latest performance. So be it.

  3. Nothing feels better when you come as an underdog. Though who ever dares to look down on Liverpool must be a naive baboons, considering the Kop's performance in the Champion League is totally a different matter during the course of a season. They might flounder in the Worth-Nothing Carling Cup, kick in the stomach just 2 minutes to penalty in the FA Cup and registered its centurion draw in the BPL... but mind you, CL is where Liverpool is totally a different animal.

  4. For those who have blanketed your mind that Liverpool will not win any title this season, I hope you will repent. There still enough momentum for LFC to win one of the cup or both this season. All you have to do is remain a believer. If you can't, just shut-up. Keep your distorted pessimistic minds to yourself. hahaha...

  5. So try to sleep a bit and wake up at 2.45am tonight. For those who don't remember, please make an arrangement so that you won't have to go to work tomorrow. hehehe

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meiguoren said...

hahaha, ur having faith, nice!!! it's absolutly true dat when it comes to UCL, Liverpool is basically in the class of its own... Barca, Milan, Juve, Inter, Chelshit, Arse, all of them have been scalped alive at UCL...



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