02 February 2009


  1. NOTHING should overshadow Liverpool's win against Chelsea. Not the silly referee, not the red card, not the crazy americans who sat far apart or even the snowflakes. Even before Lampard's dismissal, Liverpool were already furiously attacking Chelsea's goal.

  2. It was Alex who save many for Chelsea. Lampard has not much to do when the ball was in the penalty box.

  3. There shouldn't be any question if Lampard still on, the Blues fortune could be different. No sir. Lampard couldn't cope with double-monster midfielder in Masherano and Alonso. It was not in the best interest of Liverpool that Lampard got the red. We prefer him to be on the field and experience another defeat ON THE PITCH and not in the dressing room.

  4. Of course, the UK media and critics would point out that with only 10 men, Chelsea was destined for a draw or lost altogether. To me, again... it's another stupid analogy. Alex was excellent last night. He really throw his body everywhere. The only time he lost was when Torres managed to head the goal earlier than him for the 1st goal.

  5. The one who really should get red card is Bosingwa. He kicked Benayoun's ass and was highlighted by the linesman. But the stupid Riley didn't do anything. Luckily it was the small Jew. If it involves Carra, Bosingwa could find himself with a red eyed from a blow of a fist. I hope the FA will take action on Bosingwa. Unprofessional at all. The best part was Chelsea's manager himself conceded Bosingwa should have been dismissed for slamming his studs into Yossi Benayoun’s back.

  6. The win is something all of us have been waiting for after a January draught. Some of you might have expressed your lost of confidence by questioning Rafa's decision, the players mental fitness and Keane's future. As you can see, today... the issue was not Liverpool. But the ref and Chelsea. All it need for the whole issue to go away is by winning. You don't win, you get hounded. That how it was last month. Easy mathematics.

  7. Next, let's get Everton. Let's bury the terrible double-draw that they managed to muster on us. Let Goodison Park be the witness to the demise of their team from FA.

  8. You got to have the faith and keep it close to your heart. To support a team is to have good feelings for them and from them. Be analytical you must. But don't be those miserable critics of opposite fans. A pure fan will not use strong words against his own team. That is called loyalty. You want to be a pundit who thinks he knows everything? Well, you better get paid like Serbegeth Singh on ESPN. If not, please be loyal.

  9. P/s : A WIN IS A WIN. Who cares who got the red card or Torres save the day for LFC. Who cares what the critics say. The real fact is that the whole team performed splendidly last night and they deserved to win. Again, A WIN IS A WIN. 3 points. That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.


Anonymous said...

Loyal fans cannot criticise meh?

If your team got whacked 0-5 like u know who, then also cannot criticise?


utusanLFC said...

We NEVER got whacked 0-5. Liverpool fan must be a loyal lot and only opponents can criticise us. As for our own fans, the approach should be `analyse' and `words of wisdom'. Reserve the harsh words for opponents. Not Rafa, not the team but may be a bunch of it is good for the american owners.

utusanLFC said...

ps/ is that you tombiruo? hehehe...

tombiruo said...

Have to comment just to tell u sabahan is not me. anyway congratulation is in order for Liverfool FC win... wait till u lost gerard or alonso.

We will meet again in May after the champions is crowned... hehehe

matthias chevalier said...


Anonymous said...

I meant Malaysia la bro!
got whacked left, right and center by UAE.
MSM and chorus of fans started critising furiously. They must be loyal fan too for wanting greatness. The same goes for our fav club.

If we can criticise M'sia then why not our club ?. Different method, same intention. A better club.


Grand Cannon said...

tahniah liverpool..

utusanLFC said...

aiyaa sabahan bro,

mana la I tahu you're referring to our national team. Sorry, I have commented about it and I don't feel like to repeat it. After all, I have stopped from following any Malaysian Super Cup action for more than a decade. Utterly useless.

If you're point is that we have the rights to criticise clubs because we do so with our national team, I believe I can be an exception because I don't dwell on our national team. Nothing to do with being patriotic or not, it just that I don't follow them so it makes me ineligible to do so.

We have to Sabahan now, Bob from Kuching and actually I am also from Kuching, born in Mukah and now resides in Shah Alam.

Happy to have all of you. And Tumbiruo, better forget about your wish to come back in May and thinking your team can outdo Liverpool or Manure. hehehe...

Come frequent here and I shall not bore you guys with simply Liverpool stories but also some automotive news (depending on my mood to translate it back from BM to English).

Your banters is acceptable. Of course, you must accept also the return-fire from me and my fellow Liverpudlians. Those people are vicious lots. Have you met KHAN of crimsoncorpus.blogspot.com? He is an ardent LFC fan. hehehe

Khan said...

Chan Mali Chan hey hey! Ketipong Payung.. Di mana dia anak kambing saya, anak kambing saya yang pakai jersey biru...chan mali chan hoi hoi!
One of the songs we used to sing in the malaysian stadiums whenever our teams were in front haha!

Khan said...

Just a banter, nothing personal of course ;-)

uNCLe Joe said...

I remember the Can Mali Can song. we (me n schoolmates) sang to other team during cheering rugby team...
what a nostalgia



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