31 January 2009


  1. A LOUSY January for Liverpool it was. 5 straight games ended in a draw. Twice against Everton. A month to forget. A month to rejuvenate. Though personally, I usually will implore those who express their feelings as if it’s the end of Liverpool and even thinking of supporting a lesser team, like Stoke City. At least when they lose, they lose it with style. Liverpool draw with style. Which one do you prefer?

  2. Not only I implore such deliberation, but urge all of you to sit up straight, walk tall and raise your chin. There’s nothing apocalyptic about Liverpool situation now. The UK media might suggested otherwise, that Rafa has lost the plot, that Liverpool is in disarray. The truth is far from it. Liverpool is ONLY 2 points less than Manure.

  3. What they are facing now is normal for any teams in a season. Man.U had their barren run a bit earlier than the rest, so it is normal to see them bloating now. Same goes with Arsenal, though it must take a serious beating on the top 3 for the kids to overhaul them at this stage. As for Chelsea, well they are more or less the same with us. But the disharmony within the ranks, with Drogba’s mood dictate the game… Chelsea is still a contender, more or less.

  4. Now, we must leave January 2009 with a bit of relieve. Thank God it was only draw. What if there’s a lost or two? We could be standing below Aston Villa at the moment. But we did not.

  5. Tomorrow, 1st February will be a good day to restart our campaign. No other nemesis could be better than Chelsea. With the lousy January we had, Liverpool will come as the best-bet to lose the game. Chelsea will be the favourite. So be it.

  6. So all the Liverpool supporters out there, keep your faith and don’t let the squad Walk Alone…

    * Chelshit badge was taken without permission from www.Ihatechelsea.net


uNCLe Joe said...

4 straight draw not 5...
he he he

Anonymous said...

it's okay... too many draws makes a fan lost his count



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