19 January 2009

Man.U so proud of leading the pack for only 2 days!

stupid man.u

THE Manure supporters had a field day teasing me yesterday. I decided to just smile without uttering any words. After all, they know that I know that the position is just a temporary, until Liverpool beat Everton tomorrow (starts at 4am Tuesday Malaysian time).

I supposed everyone agrees that the derby doesn't have that much attraction onto us - who are far far away from Merseyside. The only certain thing (as I have mentioned before) the derby will produce a massive competition, hard tackling, may be blood here and there and not less than 3 yellow cards and if there's a red card, it would be a bonus for all.

In terms of serious competition and pure hatred, I still name Manchester United a.k.a Manure as our number one nemesis. All the negative jibes in me towards this team is incomparable. Chelsea and Arsenal might annoys me occasionally. But Manure is consistently.

May be here in Malaysia, the visibility of Manure fans are greater than Chelsea and Arsenal. At least in my office, the Manure's supporter is the same level with us - Liverpool (around 20 against 18). There are 2 guys openly proclaiming themselves to be Chelsea devotees. Also 2 who says they love Adebayor but not William Gallas... (hahaha...)

This doesn't include the ladies. This segment is growing. Some of them admitted that they also stay awake in the wee hours to watch the game. Though their devotion is more towards the looks department (ohhh Torres is so handsome! ohhh who's that Spanish guy... Xabi?... yucks!!!)

Unfortunately for me, my desk is situated closely to the Sports Desk - a well known Manure supporters pit in my office. That's the reason I had to endure some banters yesterday. I hope tomorrow I can return the favour. I am preparing myself for the 4am game. Brace yourself. Call me if you guys need a wake-up call. hehehe... I'll be there!

WHEN : 4am 20 January 2009


Khan said...

Can anta sms to check on me?

utusaLFC said...

Insyallah Bro. But I kesian sama your student. The teacher will have a massive hang-over!!!!

tombiruo said...

More than 2 days mate...hehehe

kajang-today said...

how to face those MU fans at office?

u boleh buat style Cikgu Shaari@P Ramlee, srh murid tulis atas blackboard.

Anonymous said...

"After all, they know that I know that the position is just a temporary, until Liverpool beat Everton tomorrow (starts at 4am Tuesday Malaysian time)." -
BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH .. so who's the big mouth now. Alwayz cakap besar.I tought everton was so mini fo your team but it seem turned into a mighty blue.as usual, only one word..useless...



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