26 January 2009


In true Malaysian spirit, I would like to wish all of you A Happy New Year - The year look tough but with strong will and determination, we shall overcome any obstacle.

Such is the celebration this year, I found out that that my children's school will not be open for the whole week! I never really travel during the festive seasons because I know very well that the resorts/ hotel will charge you like you will never come back there, and the vacancy is limited if you didn't plan early.

So I chose to work instead. Let me tell you the good thing about working during the big holidays... the traffic is almost non-existence (except the junctions to the shopping complexes). And the mood in the office is also laid-back, with majority are wearing jeans and t-shirt. That's it. GONG XI FATT CHAY!

And as for LIVERPOOL....

  1. Last night's game could be summed up as one of the best moves that I've seen LFC played. The one-touch play looks so weird... looks so Arsenal. That's why Everton managed to give us the sucker-punch with their one and only attacked into our corner!...

  2. Again, Tim Cahill is undoubtedly a brilliant player. He hid behind the post, ensuring his team-mates do the masquerading before the kick and he connected the ball straight to the net before Lescott had a lucky knock. Even that, we're not so sure if Reina could stop Cahill's header. But it was poor marking over all by the LFC defenders.

  3. In the 2nd half, while everyone of us were waiting for LFC to equalise, none would anticipate that 1-2 play between Gerrard and Torres, and the way Torres fooled 3 Everton defenders were sublime, takraw-like for Gerrard to penetrate the back and beat Tim Howard.

  4. Well... we have to go back to the Goodison Park on the 4th Feb (5th Feb at 4am Malaysian time) for the replay. Let's hope for the 3rd time lucky. This is one difficult derby after all !!!

  5. Let's prepare for Chelsea next Sunday.


uNCLe Joe said...

How bout Wigan?

Kakitido said...

3.45am... sanggup berjaga?

Ratna Aulia ♥ said...

iy, aq sangat2 suka Liverpool !!!
tp skrg ini.. aq udh jarang bgt nnton prtandingan mereka. Jdi, trima ksih atas infrmasinya !! :D

Anonymous said...

wah jo,
Org seberang pun minat blog u,sukses!sukses! Liverpool memangnya hebat waduh,waduh!!!!!!!
Bob From Kuching

Kakitido said...

kau jangan ngorat pulak... under age tuuuu.... hahaha



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