04 January 2009

Preston 0 - LFC 2

Robbie `KING OF MISSES' Keane...

WHEN most of the highlight was focus on Gerrard, personally I was more inclined to see Robbie Keane to resume his scoring prowess which was abruptly ceased in the Newcastle's game last week. Prior to that, he has been scoring a couple goals. And that is supposed to be a promising, coming to the new year.

Last night, Keane started the game. He had four great chances to wrap up the game before the hour but missed the lot. A particularly poor miscue from six yards with the goal gaping on the stroke of half-time was enough to make every one of us experiencing some anger and deep frustration. I even send a text to Khan : ``Keane lost his confidence miserably'' and true enough, he failed again and again until he was substituted by Fernando Torres.

Ok Torres scored, simply because the captain is soooo kind to him, not that Gerrard couldn't score himself. But that kind of a kind passes, just to ensure your long time-injured teammate got a feel for a goal... is something rather difficult to do, even by our village standard ! (I play futsal, I do pass it to my mates even when I am facing the keeper one-on-one. But that is due to the nature of futsal. There's not enough space and time to muster a dribble. It's all about one touch and quick thinking. So if there's a mate on your left, perhaps it is a better chance to pass him the ball. But in Gerrard's case, what he did was ohh..so... kind!)

Wonder what if Keane was at the other end, could anyone put a dollar bet that he could convert it at all? Not with the pricey 4 clear-cut chances that he miserably missed!

At the moment, I have no feeling towards him. If Rafa wishes to sale Keane now, so be it. It' one thing to say that you can't score any goals if you're not been given a good service (a through pass from the midfielders or wingers) but hey... Keane - he just squandered one chance after another.

And the frustration is reaching a dengue-peak, the questions has been asked again and again... and now the voices are becoming louder. Is Keane the right one for us? Because the anger in us has become unbearable, something that has never been seen before... not even when we waited for Crouch to open his goal account. WHY WAS CROUCH SOLD IN THE FIRST PLACE? idiot.


Piggy Singh said...

Hi lfc and all,

A spectacular display of unselfishness by our mighty captain. It also gives great confidence to our stiker Torres after returning from injury.

However, something went quite wrong in the second half, our boys were seen pressured and disoriented.

Khan said...

Indeed it is beginning to feel like Keane is not going to make it with LFC. I feel he doesn't have the confidence to play as the single striker upfront. But we have praised his work rate so far and his is supposed to be lethal when playing just behind the striker. But alas, no way Gerrard is to be replaced in that role.

Question now is whether he is an asset or a liability now. Since he needs to play often to improve, being a squad player is not enough. Even when he is played, he doesn't perform..because he doesn't get many games to improve. Catch 22 situation.

To offload him would mean LFC loses money when 20 million was paid for his service and I dont think any team would pay 20 million for him. To keep him would mean paying his wages, etc and his price will further dwindle. At the end of the season, he might be worth less than whatever he is worth now. Tough decision to make. I would sell him if we could get 10 million now and cut our losses and use the money to buy someone else.

hiDayah.nazRi said...

well crouch asked for it.
dia tak suka main kadang2 -__-



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