14 January 2009

IN RAFA WE TRUST (absolutely!)

Let's try to analyse the whole situation involving the so-called `Rafa outburst'. Much have been written and somehow when Man.U beat Chelsea, the media attention was focus on Rafa, instead the usual teasing for the losers. This is the media circus. Yes, I am one of the media member but we only do the circus on political news, not so much football (hahaha...).

I will not invite any academic approach on this matter. Suffice if we can come up with a certain understanding of what have Rafa been saying, what came out and what appear to happen but in actuality - it's not!

1. Rafa said Sir Alex got away free, but other managers who criticised the ref and FA will surely crucified. True or not?

2. Is it wrong for Rafa to say so? Why is it he is portrayed as someone `who attacked' without provocation towards Sir Alex? Why can't Rafa's statement be seen as purely a statement - a real one and not `he who attacked someone else'...

3. Is this a mere mind-game between the great managers? And why did Arsene Wenger chose not to back Rafa on this matter? Is it because Wenger realised that he is not fit to speak anymore as his team is already out the title equation?

4. So Sir Alex said Rafa is a `disturbed' person. That's funny. If you're an avid reader of BPL news, you know very well how immersed Sir Alex with Liverpool. Sir Alex loves to tease other teams. Only this time around, it has to be Liverpool who sits on top of them. Go Figure.

5. Above all, do we really need this kind of attention? Should Rafa stop what he is doing now. We do enjoy our life in BPL - in a subtle way, civilised and carry on doing what we do best, that is winning games. hmmm... (more accurate - not losing any games since winning is something we longed to see nowadays)


meiguoren said...

Fergie seems dunno how to shut his gap... Pffft... And undeniably, the officials seems to be biased towards that fat gaffer... Especially Mike Riley, he's like a devoted Manure fan, always award penalties for them... Pffft...

Anonymous said...

its normal lah. Last time when the title was fought by Man.U and Chelsea, both Alex & Morinho had a good bout. This time around, Rafa seems to punch first. Go Rafa!!!



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