11 January 2009

Take Stoke & You're Stuck... ANOTHER DREADED DRAW


Wasn't the draw annoying? It was. (Not the above photo. That is how Rafa sees Fergie...hahaha)

First, all of us had to wait until 1.30am. Then when it ended at 3.30am, we didn't get the win. Worst of all the performances by the LFC squad is lackluster. Though I still puzzled with Rafa's decision to play Kuyt upfront, deputised by Gerrard as second striker. Why Kuyt? What is wrong with Torres and Keane?

I thing Kuyt should have played on the right, never upfront alone. Rafa should have knew what Stoke can do to distrupt our game plan - after all this is the same team that parked the bus in front of Sorensen at Liverpool. However, on home turf, Stoke can be categorised as playing their best game. I think Rafa got it wrong tactically last night. He should be brave enough to sit at the bench and not next to Rick Perry.

Somehow this small club really put on the show when they're facing the BIG FOUR. Though Liverpool `seems' to control the game in terms of possession but every time that Volleyball player (Delap) throw his freaking-long ball, it somehow rattled our goal-post. Luckily, none converted.

The draw disturb our momentum a bit. We should have accelerated by now but the engine obviously is facing some serious combustion issues. It can't fired-up, it can't get any better at the moment unless one Ferrari by the name of Torres is unleashed.

* The shriek look-alike photo was taken without permission from The Guardian UK


Anonymous said...

Did you know from where the delap's name was taken? it's from the "bola yang dilap-lap" using 'that red towel'.I supposed behind it, written "You never walk alone " too, as same as torres's arm band a few years ago.huhu.. Dont worry ,i hope you'll get your own 'delap' during this transfer and seem that Defoe dah pulang ke gagang, Crouch can also re unite with his old club.Imagine the combination of both of them!! hahahaha...

Khan said...

Torres' mere presence is enough to rattle any defence. Obvious in this game too. Better him than Kuyt as lone striker anytime. Sucks...

Anonymous said...

Agreed with u Khan,although I still have faith in Rafa sometimes his tactical decision quite puzzling.
Torres,Keane not playing?What his reason......
Bob From Kuching

kajang-today said...

folks, the same 11 played against newcastle and belasah kow-kow punye yet it didnt work against stoke.
we have small players who were bullied on the pitch. lucas, benayoun and even masch were bodychecked, tackled, pushed yet the ref did nothing. Stoke's tactics and antics rattled them to the bones.gerrard and riera were quiet and largely anonymous compounding the problem.
do not think keane will be of much use here and maybe torres was not ready yet. if he is certainly rafa will start with him, no question about that, he's million miles better than kuyt who has now failed to score late lately.
The players failed Rafa and us big time! that's what happened and we were lucky not to lose.



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