12 January 2009

Heskey's return to Anfield?


According to The Daily Mail today, Emile Heskey has agreed a pre-contract to return to his old club Liverpool in the summer. Rafael Benitez is reluctant to pay £4million to sign the England striker from Wigan in the transfer window and has decided to wait until he is out of contract. Heskey, 31 yesterday, left Anfield in May 2004 to join Birmingham for £6.25m.

Now, help me to understand. We have Torres, Keane, Ngog and Kuyt as our central forwards. So where does Heskey will be positioned? On the bench?

What is wrong with Michael Owen? May be because he is prone-injury type, so Heskey is the better catch between the two?

Is this the way forward for Liverpool? Having to resort to a 31 year old striker? Or is it just a way for Rafa to enrich English players within his Spanish speaking team?

There's so many questions about this arrangement. Of course, the main question would be is this story true at all - in the first place. I browse through liverpoolfc.tv but yet to see any official reply from the club regarding Heskey. May be in a day or two.

Heskey is not that bad. He performed well with Wigan - the reason he attracted Rafa and Capello also recalled him to the England squad. A kind of a rejuvenation for Heskey, I supposed.

But when your rivals having young strikers, pacey and agile (look at Aston Villa, Arsenal), turning to a 31 year old burly Heskey seems to offer less wisdom. We're not sure if the good show Heskey has put into his game while with Wigan can be transformed into Liverpool ways of doing things. Is this good? Is this the way forward for us?


kajang-today said...

why not as a reserve? remember gary macalister? he's old too but it worked wonders for houllier then.
heskey will come as a free agent too next summer and that's awesome.
he could be used against stoke next season and that's the type of game he'll be useful. the currents strikers bar torres are lightweights and not much use when facing teams with powerful defenders.
think with age and limited capability, he'll understand his role as a reserve and not moan about it.

meiguoren said...

good point from kajang-today... for me, heskey was never a great goal-scoring machine but he have the ability to compliment other stiker and bring in them into play, creating space for them to score... so, he shall do all the brawling and our other pacey striker shall burst through...

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Anonymous said...

You got it right kajang-today, presently in term physical challenge,I see Gerrard,Skertel,Hyypia,Agger and Ngog that can match the physical brutality of the English Premier League.Torres although he got the pace and killer instinct, he still need suitable partner to assist him and Heskey fit the bill.
Playing in the second season in the Premier League, I think all the team in the league now know how to stop Torres from scoring.
Heskey will provide Liverpool more option as presently Torres relied heavily on Gerrard creativity to unlock the opposing team defence.
Bob From Kuching



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