06 January 2009

Ferguson: Inexperience can undo Liverpool's title challenge


FOR the last 2 days, I have been engrossed with my children schooling and registration. Today would be my first day at work after a short 2 weeks holiday due to the arrival of my own `Steven Gerrard'. And I had to return to JPN's office 3 times simply because they insisted on my wife's doctor appointment card. What an experience! I don't recall this requirement when I registered my 2 girls. This must be new. Must be something to do with the influx of foreign workers in Malaysia. Must be related also to the extend of dangerous level we're facing with the international forgery scam. Must be. And I - the legitimate Bumiputra had to endure all those new regulations. Thank God all the registration processes completed today. But no, I didn't register my boy as Steven Gerrard. hahaha...

So only at 2pm (my shift is at 4pm), I can switch on my pc and read some football news. This one attracts me. And make me think.

Ferguson: Inexperience can undo Liverpool's title challenge
Jeremy Butler (The Daily Sport UK)

Sir Alex Ferguson has started his mind games early this season by suggesting leaders Liverpool are capable of blowing up in the title run-in.
The Manchester United manager is the Barclays Premier League's master of psychological warfare and is using that in a bid to unsettle Rafa Benitez's side.
Liverpool are three points ahead of Chelsea and seven in front of third-placed United, who have two games in hand, but Ferguson insists the Anfield side's inexperience in title chases will cost them.
Liverpool have won the League title 18 times but the last one was in 1990 and Ferguson believes nerves will get to them and cause them to drop points while United continue to haul in their Merseyside rivals.
Ferguson said: 'There's no doubt in the second half of the season they will get nervous. With the experience we've got, having won a couple of titles in the past couple of years, it helps you.
'They are going into the unknown and, at this stage, if you make mistakes you get punished.'
Champions United hope to gain ground on the top two by beating Chelsea at Old Trafford on Sunday. Ferguson said: 'That will be a big game. Chelsea have done very well away from home but not so well at home, so it has been interesting form for them this season.'
Should United win in front of their own fans it will take them to within a point of Luiz Felipe Scolari's side, having played two games fewer.
Ferguson admits that would strike a major psychological blow against the team widely expected to provide United's main competition for the Premier League crown this season.
The United manager said: 'If we can get within a point of Chelsea and we've games in hand, then we're in a great position.'

So my questions to you :

1. Do you agree with Sir Alex? What would happened to Liverpool if Gerrard is indicted?

2. Can Man.U overhaul a much malign Chelsea?

3. In those games, who do you put your heart into? Chelsea if they win, they still be 3 points behind (provided we beat Stoke). If Man.U wins, they will be trailing right at the neck... So are we hoping both to draw? hahaha


kajang-today said...

a draw between Chelsit and Manure would be perfect for Liverpool. A draw would leave us 5 points ahead of Chelsit and 3 points ahead of Manure even if they win those 2 games in hand.
BTW, it only works if Liverpool beat Stoke of course and they will be without their best striker, Fuller this weekend.
I would imagine with Torres back, Liverpool would not be the same team with goal shy stikers anymore. It's 3 points!

Khan said...

It is a pity that both the teams can't lose at the same time playing each other...

Khan said...

..and yes, I talk nonsense haha!

Khan said...

..and by the way, she -------->
is NOT the one talking

meiguoren said...

A draw... A draw is enough but I prefer for Manure to lose... I don't know why I've been loathing them all their life... Furthermore added by that Fergie who never seems to shut up...



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