31 May 2009


Ok the photo has been taken to my CSI lab and undergone brightening processes (Still, thanks to Kajang-Today for remembering to bring the camera!) from left: KHAN, utusanLFC, GARY, Kajang-Today and the celebrity blogger, Rizal Hashim during a civil discussion over French football at Bora Ombak, Ampang on May 29, 2009.

  1. I supposed to report on this meeting yesterday but too many things to do in the morning and had to work in the afternoon didn't permit me to do so. The meeting was cordial, friendly and meaningful, with the exception of one Mr Rizal Hashim who we called `a celebrity blogger' and self-confessed a `football purist' (what ever it means...) whom we allowed to dominate most of the conversation and took a poke at almost everyone of us!!!!

  2. The funny part was that Bora Ombak closed at 1.30am so we had to adjourn to another location... which lasted till 3am... Imagine, what kind of stressed that we had to endure and in my case, I arrived home at 3.30am (I drove a Land Rover Freelander 2nd generation, so 60km in 30 mins is nothing!) and less than 11 hours later I have to go the office til 9pm (rush back to watch Chelsea vs Everton).

  3. First on the agenda was completing the ticket transactions. Then we agree to travel on the morning of 26 July and we should arrived in JB within 3 hours before proceeding to Singapore for the game that evening and return immediately after the game. We plan to join the LSCM troops (which travel in 3 buses) at the Singapore National Stadium, so that we can have that camaraderie feel.

  4. We also agree to have another gathering with the rest of you and promised to held it a bit earlier than midnight. hahaha... and at a location that doesn't have Cinderella syndromes. This time, we hope all of you can join us. Just us - the Liverpool bloggers. And Kajang-Today would agree if we exclude our Celebrity Blogger (hahaha....)

30 May 2009

Didier Drogba : Perfecting the Arts of Diving

The lucky bast*#ds from across the Stanley Park (Everton) will be fighting Chelsea tonight in the FA Cup Final at Wembley. As a fellow Merseysiders, we the Liverpool fans around the world will lend our support to the small club. In true spirit of goodwill, heres some guidelines about the main Chelsea striker, Didier Drogba that fellow small club should know about...

Drogba is a serial diver. He made a tackled look as if he was shot by an assault rifle from a close range.

Drogba is a serial diver not only at the club level but also when representing his country. Again, he was ``shot'' from close range.

Aside from diving, Drogba made it clear that he is a true Michael Jackson fan. Compare his steps with MJ's below:

And when he is not diving, he loves to tear the defenders shirt to pieces...

And when the team is losing, they never assumed responsibility. It's always the fault of someone else. Someone who usually carries a certain blower on the pitch.

As a serial diver, Drogba is recognised internationally. And always capture the headlines. To which is on the same par and level of another cheater... as shown below :

utusanLFC: Go EVERTON... Go Blast Chelsea for the glory of Liverpool City...!

29 May 2009

Bora Ombak, AMPANG SPORTS COMPLEX, 12 am tonight

Ok, this is final and I hope you guys can make it. We shall meet at Bora Ombak Restaurant, situated inside the vicinity of Ampang Sports Complex at 12 midnight. If you guys from the other side of the city, I suggest you just use the Ampang Highway and drive til the end where you have to keep right to do the U-Turn. Prior to that, you can see the rooftop of the sport complex. Basically, it is situated at Ampang Point, behind De Palma Hotel. Still couldn't figure it out, please ask someone on the street. You'll never lost alone!
As for me, I'll be coming straight from my office's dinner event at Palace of the Golden Horses. I'm going off now. Got few things to do before going to the hotel. Can't give you my handphone here. But I will be there with a few others. See ya!

p/s I will be wearing black shirt/ blue jeans. My face look like Chow Yuen Fatt. You can't miss me. hehehe


The Singapore tickets are ready... it's supposed to be red but I think I over-exposed it during this hurriedly-thought-of photo session.

  1. LSCM informed me that the ticket is priced at RM255. There are cheaper tickets but LSCM has taken into account the rainy seasons in Thailand, thus they decided for the covered areas which is a bit pricey. Now, I want to go. And I want you guys to go also. I know it is gonna be expensive but now that we know the ticket's price, we can start planning for a group tour.

  2. However, I insist when we got to the stadium, we must gang-up with LSCM people. Same with Singapore. I just want to ensure that when we're there, we could represent the spirit of Malaysian Liverpool fan base. That's who we are.

  3. And as my posting earlier, I have proposed for a gathering tonight at 12 midnight. But only a handful gave their okay. If by 4pm still no confirmation, I guess we have to do it on another date. No rush but if we were to purchase the Thai's ticket, we have to act quickly because it is limited at LSCM (though we can buy it at other premises but LSCM is just 7 minutes away from my home).

  4. And of course, there is a legitimate necessity for all of you to be a registered member with LSCM. You know the benefits. If you want, I can be the liaison for you LFC blogger. My relationship with Mdm Angie and Mdm Helen is good. It's not that expensive. If I'm not mistaken it cost only RM74 plus you get a free LSCM t-shirt. I'll wait for your respond on all of this matters.

  5. Tomorrow would be another opportunity to send more missiles towards the Man.United fans. They will suffer. Their ego will be ruined hahahaha....

28 May 2009

BARCELONA BEAT MANCHESTER UNITED. Proves the scum shouldn't be in the Finals after all.

Messi's ultimate masterpiece... as Ferdinand could only looking at it helplessly. Like Liverpool did in the 4-1 thrashing of the scum on 14 February 2009 at Old Trafford.

Now look at van Der Sar's face... was he watching a horror movie? Yes and he was the victim!

  1. LAST Tuesday, this fella - TR was so loud. Arrogant at best. He taunted me, teasing me with his every sentences, where most of the time I wasn't involved in the conversation in the first place. My only problem was that my desk is just opposite his. TR used all the snipping he could think of on me... about how the scum is going to the finals, the carlsberg, the no.2 slots... To a point I replied with a clear voice - IN THE NAME OF GOD, WHEN YOU LOSE THURSDAY, ALLOW ME TO LAUGH AT YOUR FACE! And officially it would be a revenge!

  2. Ohhh... what a great feeling today for me and for all of you! When I reached home at 1.30am last night, I had the question lingering all the way from the office. To watch or no to. But as I settled down (quick hot shower) then I heard the rain. I said it's better for me to take advantage of the cold weather to really enjoy my sleep. After all, I won't be missing anything. Barca has sufficient firepower to do the job. How true it is now.

  3. I'm on my off-day today since I have to work this weekends. Should I show up in the office - just to LAUGH at TR's face? Would it do any good? Naaa... it can wait. After all, there are many staffs that you don't want to give a bad example on how to behave when Manchester United lost. hahaha... no... it should be like this - HAHAHA

27 May 2009

Liverpool fans around the world is supporting Barcelona

  1. As predicted, the UK-bias-newspapers are having their field-day by reporting pro-Manchester United stories. If there were articles about Barcelona, it would be filled with sarcasms, threats and unduly challenges for them to prove themselves. I just read the headlines. I rather read about Everton's preparation to deny Chelsea this weekend...

  2. It won't be a surprised if many of us would go supporting Barcelona in the wee-hours of Thursday morning (3am Malaysian time), though I am still contemplating whether to watch it or not. More pressing question is whether I want to join the pool. RM500 is the minimum bet. This is not so much about the money but more about your allegiances. To support Barcelona is a matter of convenience. They are going against our enemy. The enemy of our enemy is our friend but it doesn't make it right for me to `put my money' on the team. hahaha.... Is this a morale issue? hahaha...

  3. Since I will be meeting Kajang-Today & Wan (for the delivery of tickets), I propose that all of us join in for a long-awaited get-together this friday evening. I have to attend a dinner event at Palace of Golden Horses that would last until 11.30pm, so it would be great if we can meet at 12 midnight. The place for everybody's convenience is Bora Ombak restaurant, Ampang Sport Complex, Ampang Point. Not that too far from Kajang and Gombak or Cheras. It's far from Shah Alam but I'll managed. If you agree, jot it down. Or is there other places that you would like to propose? That place must have an easy parking access and not too loud. At the moment, I say Bora Ombak is the best place.

25 May 2009


  1. Reading the post-match report of how LFC defeated Hotspur, does bring some anger in me. Hmmm... There were 4 goals. 3 belonged to LFC. And of course, the special tribute for Samy was huge. They had that placards at the Kop end - displaying Sami's name and Finland flag. And picture above, I don't remember even Rafa got that kind of treatment when we won the Champions Cup in 2005. hahaha...

  2. As mentioned in the title, since there was no live telecast of our match, I opted to watch DVD, instead. So took out Tom Cruise's Valkyrie. It was a sympathetic portrayal of a less-known anti-Hitler within the Germans and almost unknown to popular WWII history. Well, since the history was written mainly by the Allied Forces and Western propagandist, of course such incidents were condemned to a footnote or deleted all together! I'm a bit taken aback that for all the books that I collected and movies that I watched on WWII, I didn't know at all about it.

  3. Ya, Valkyrie was 2008 movie and it took me til last night to eventually watch it, though the DVD has been in my possession since March. I went to my vendor and told him, I want to have ALL the Oscar awards movies. And two nights ago I just watch the Slumdog. hahaha... better late than never. Well, with my working schedule now, watching DVD has to be done in a correct and proper timing. Usually I would be home by midnight. It's not a good idea to watch DVD by then. You need to recover and have a sufficient sleep. But even during the weekend also it's seems impossible when it collided with football matches. Now it is off-season, I think there will be more opportunity.

  4. Hey I'm still waiting for your replies on the Thailand trip. C'mon. It's far it's true but it would give us a different view on the game. Thailand played like an English team. You know who is the current coach for them.

23 May 2009


  1. To my total disappointment, I found out there would be no live telecast on our last match tomorrow. Instead they opted for the scum game against the Hull and Aston Villa vs Newcastle. I am a bit puzzled. The whole season, the fixtures could be changed for the purpose of live telecast and yet, for tomorrow, all the game were played the same time.

  2. May be they want to avoid the element of fixing, in particular for those who are fighting for their life in the Premiership. But in the case of LFC and Hotspur? Perhaps the onus would be on Hotspur because they are trying to clinch the 7th spot from Fulham. Again, it is still impossible because Fulham is the form team now whereas their opponent, Everton wouldn't want to risk injury to its players prior to the FA Cup.

  3. However, in Liverpool's position - we also facing some concerned if we were to lose the game and Chelsea could overtake us. Though Chelsea must score more than 5 goals to do that. Well, the positive outcome is that I can rearrange my schedule and do something else more important than watching those games.

  4. As for the tickets to Singapore, you guys can also purchased it elsewhere than LSCM. The price is the same. As for my trip, I think it is almost certain - though one of my blocks is asking if he could bring his gf. I'm still pondering about it. I'm a bit reluctant to do so. It's supposed to be ALL GUYS NIGHT OUT - WATCHING FOOTBALL - ACROSS THE BORDER!

  5. Now what I want you to consider as well is the trip to Thailand. The game is on 22 July. Anyone care to join me?

21 May 2009


  1. I have an obituary to write. Today at about 10am, a friend, a good friend not only to me but to many fellow media fraternity in Malaysia - Rapa'ee Kawi also known as ``Apai'' and to his dear family as Mansor - passed away due to low blood pressure. He is survived by his wife and 4 children aged between 11-23.

  2. The sad news is that he was doing his medical check-up at a government clinic in Kuching, Sarawak when he suddenly collapsed and eventually, declared dead by the attending doctor. The news made it circle from Kuching via Sibu, then Bintulu before it reached me in Shah Alam. It is sad indeed. Mansor was also a relatives. He was a Christian but that doesn't change anything between him, his family and mine because we're hailed from the same clan. If I'm not mistaken, our grandfathers were brothers and were brought up in Dalat, Mukah.

  3. He was one of the few rare breed of photographers in Malaysia. Trained as a military personnel, he joined the United Nation's Peace Mission in Namibia in 1989 before joining Berita Harian til 1995 where he was offered the same post in The Star til now.

  4. One of the unknown achievement by Apai is that, he was one of those who covered our Malaysian climbers to the Base Camp of Everest. I spoke to our photographer, Mohd Nor Amin just now and he cherished the sweet memories with Apai. Fortunately, he's feat was recognised by Sarawak State Government. I always joke to Apai about him being the first Melanau to be at the steps of Everest. Well, it's not that my ethnic group has never been to overseas. Hahaha... It's just that we never consider ourselves to be THAT eager to travel to such... tough places as the Everest.

  5. I last met him when I returned for Aidilfitri celebration last year. When he knows that I'm back, he'll never failed to visit me. Well, he addressed my parents as ``Wa'' (Pak Tua or Pak Long as you called it in Semenanjung) since my father is the eldest in the clan. I enjoyed the status of `Uncle' to Apai, though I regard that as `nonsense' since he is evidently older than me! He was very close to my siblings. My eldest sister talk to me in the evening. She and my parents were at the hospital and assisted in arranging the transportation to bring the remains of Apai from Kuching to Dalat. ETA is early tomorrow morning. I'm not sure if my brother in Bintulu would be there too.

  6. My personal memory with Apai was when both us happen to be assigned together in covering the Abu Sayyaf abduction fiasco in Jolo, Mindanao in 2000. He had a more challenging route because he had to travel from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu, then Sandakan before taking a long journey via boat across our sea borders. Me and Azalizah, flew from KL to Manila then caught a connecting flight to Zamboanga before proceeding our trip to Jolo via a ferry.

  7. I can't remember the date but the tension in Jolo was coming to a peak. The skirmishes between the rebels and the government soldiers were like 7 miles away from the small town where we stayed. Apai had a breakfast with us and because of I ``was so professional'', I didn't bother to tag him along when I'm off to a certain location. So we dropped Apai behind his hotel... or lodging house which was made of wood to join the other Malaysian media team. There were The Star reporter, NTV7 and Bernama. The NSTP and Berita Harian were smart and prefer to stay put in Zamboanga - reporting and quoting the military spokesman, while enjoying the night life (In Jolo then, there was a curfew between 9pm to 6am).

  8. So coming back to Apai. After dropping him off, we resume our trip and only returned well nearly 6pm. In front of our hotels, the whole Malaysian media contingent were there! Apparently, Apai was surrounded by 6 men and thought to be trying to convey some sort of a message to him. Well, the best part was that Apai (may be because of his military background), didn't hesitate to make a run out of it! hahaha... He ran to the group who were enjoying their lunch (of course there were hotel's bodyguards brandishing M-16 rifle) and were followed before the guard intervened.

  9. So that night, all of them squattered in my room. The room was hardly comfortable for my team that were comprised of myself, Azalizah and Boon, our minder (bodyguard laaa..). But that night there were 6 or 7 of them! I was quite agitated because the lack of privacy! hahaha but I still remember Apai's facial reaction. He was genuinely depressed because of that incident. Well, when we got together some times later in Kuching, I teased him for being `pale' - knowing his military training! hahaha Those were the memories.

  10. For this Rapa'ee aka Apai aka Mansor - rest in peace. Your charm, warmth and joy that you bring unto us will never be forgotten.


  1. We're still have one more game to play and yet the rumours are filling the air and you can feel the heat - some may bring smile on your face, some might just shocked you to the bone! This is especially with some of the names that have been linked to Liverpool. Glen Johnson of Portsmouth. I say it is shocking because as a member of the Pompey back four, you can't be proud of the record they have this season, compared to season 2007/2008. Again, it's still a rumour.

  2. Now, the story on Alonso's departing to Real Madrid still persist. It has now come to a point where we should called it a ``reocurrance bluff''. If Rafa is so desperate for funds and thus by selling of Alonso would enable him to buy a player of such ``calibre'' in the molds of Gareth Barry, Glen Johnson... well mates, me sorry. It's either you're telling me Rafa is acutely maniac or the theory is out-right moronic for anyone to swallow. Well, it won't be me. The mathematic is simple. If Rafa were to sell Alonso, the money is to buy Tevez or David Silva - a proven midfielder cum striker. But Barry? What happened to Aston Villa since December? Drowning to mid-table. And Johnson? OMG!!!

20 May 2009

TEVEZ For £50million? Seriously? Rafa must tell us

  1. WOW... if the news about Tevez is to be believed, he is well on the way to Anfield... for £50m !!! Well the break down is SUPPOSEDLY : £26m asking fee AND a staggering £160,000-a-week three-year deal — worth £8.3m-a-year. if this is true, he will be the MOST expensive player for Liverpool, surpassing Gerrard's pay who is now thought to be taking home £130,000-a-week.

  2. The news were discovered by default. Well, it was reported that way ( I can't stop being cynical until the official announcement by LFC). It seems that Tottenham Hotspur tried to lay some amount to prise Tevez but were told by his owner, Kia Joorabchian that Liverpool already close the deal with the amount mentioned above!

  3. At this point of time, I say - I believed the story when it is confirmed officially by the club. Not by the bias-UK-newspapers. Though it would be interesting to see the reaction from Old Trafford to lose one of their crown jewel whom they don't know how to take care!


Xabi Alonso has shown how valuable he is after a season of injury...

  1. XABI Alonso may not be a top scorer in the mould of Steven Gerrard or Fernando Torres or even Dirk Kuyt this season. But rest assured that majority of the goals were from his assist - a fine direct pass from the middle towards the forwards. He has his bad days but usually that is due to his niggling injuries but on his top form days, he was the heartbeat of the team. Firing the ball from the mothership to left, right or middle for our strikers to shoot.

  2. There are still rumours abound that Alonso might not be with us next season. It is sickening. Let's just hope that Rafa has the sensibility to retain Alonso's for as long as we could. My vote for Alonso is 10/10 as the best player for Liverpool season 2008/2009.

19 May 2009


  1. I'm not sure with the rest, but I surely had a good time playing futsal last night. The venue was the ever-popular Ampang's Sports Complex. I noticed it has no `planet' but simply complex. For one reason or another, the team captain booked the court for an hour but those who turned up last night numbered almost 20. Luckily, there was an empty court, to where we could resume our high spirited playing time. Again, I was probably the most senior in terms of age and ranking which I had to remind them that on the pitch, I'm not the boss. hmmm... may be one or two more games, those kids can get a bit more acquainted with me as a fellow player, not their superior. Though I can sometimes use that as a threat if they failed to play accordingly... hahaha

  2. But first on the agenda was meeting with our fellow blogger - Shazwan. He passed me the deposit money for the Singapore vs Liverpool ticket. Kajang-Today is apparently in Penang, if not - surely all three of us could have an instant teh tarik nearby.

  3. I have plan a few articles on Liverpool to be published here. Give me time. I'll mixed my newspaper experience and street cunning to make it as enjoyable as it can for your reading pleasure. So keep on visiting. Off-seasoned doesn't mean utusalfc is also offed...!

18 May 2009


Yes, I've just returned from the LSCM's office where Mdm Angie informed me that the ticket is priced at RM215 a piece. I have used my quota of 4 tickets for our friends who have made their booking through me. For the rest of you, I suggest you communicate directly with Mdm Angie.
That's it for now. YNWA

17 May 2009

WBA 0 - LFC 2 (what happened with Carra & Arbeloa?)

  1. Tonight could be one of the most uncomfortable football session for me. I had to do my work and at the same time watching the game. Luckily my graphic designer's desk is not too far from the offices tv and every few second my head would turn to the TV. The fun part was that no one bothers to disturb me. The Man.U fans in the office were too busy gloating that they couldn't give a sh*#... about me. It was literally me alone watching the game.

  2. I didn't missed the goals and I saw the escalation erupted between Carra and Arbeloa. No matter what Arbeloa could have done wrong, I feel Carra has over-reacted. C'mon Carra. It's the 2nd last game of the season. Give your friend a break. But don't break him!

  3. The funny part is when Alonso interfered. He pointed to his head. May be he scream to Carra to cool down and use his head... hmmm... luckily none conceded after that. I must say LFC was freaking lucky. WBA really played their hearts out tonight. Those facing demotion had to do that but they need more than luck to come out with something when facing THE BIG FOUR.

  4. Another thing, when Torres was substituted... I seems to have that deja vu... I had that edgy in me, afraid that Torres would do Ronaldo onto Rafa. Tantrum and stuff. He did show his displeasure of being called out but he squandered too many chances already. Well, he was marked by 2 twin towers. It's okay Fernando. You'll score in our last game... against Robbie Keane.

16 May 2009


  1. Noticing that majority of you didn't conversed with me in this blog for the last few days, I guess the mood is somewhat somber and it is understandable.

  2. I visited the LSCM office in Section 9, Shah Alam yesterday but had to hold because a few of you didn't really finalised the decision. So I ended up purchasing a cap for RM50 (which is priced RM65 at the normal market). I shall return on Monday. So any of you who wants to go can have a whole day tomorrow to think and decide. By the way, as a member - I am allowed to purchase only 3 tickets for non-members. Zaidi has confirmed. 2 more still thinking. So hurry. I got an email from Syahwan. He is on my list now.

  3. As for tonight's 7.40 game, I don't know if I will be watching but since I am in the office, the scum's supporters here will surely turned on the TV to that channel. Let's hope Arsenal will come up with some interesting fight of their life and eventually win the game.

  4. I doubt if that would make any difference because the scum is still very much on the driving seat. But who knows? I still keep my faith. YNWA!

15 May 2009


  1. The LSCM are organising a tour to watch Liverpool FC's exhibition game in Singapore on July 26, 2009. Each tour package is inclusive of a match ticket, travel by coach and two meals. The coaches will leave the public car park next to the Cobra Club (Petaling Jaya) at 10am on July 26, 2009 and will return to the same location at 4am on July 27, 2009.

  2. A non-refundable RM200 deposit for each tour package can be made at the LSCM office from May 14 to 16, 2009 between 10.00am and 5.00pm and at Baywatch and Cobra Club on May 17 from 7pm to 8.30pm before the West Bromwich Albion game. Our co-ordinators at the Cobra Club will also receive bookings from May 18 to 20 between 6pm and 9pm.

  3. For online bookings, members are required to provide their personal details, bank in their deposit and fax over the deposit slip to the office at 03-5880 9699. Please be advised that each member is only entitled to four packages due to a limited number of tour packages and overwhelming demand.

  4. Priority will be given to members who have pre-registered for the tickets and who have banked in the deposit by May 18. For members who prefer their own travel arrangements, a limited number of tickets will be available for sale from May 19. We urge you to wait for details of this sale to be published on the website.

  5. Again, priority will be given to members who have pre-registered for the tickets and they are required to pay for the tickets once they are made available. Members are reminded to have at a passport that is valid up to at least January 30, 2010 and required to supply passport details upon payment of deposit.

14 May 2009


  1. MY heart says I shouldn't be declaring defeat now. Not at least til the match between the scum and Arsenal concluded this weekend. But my heart also rationalised that in terms of form, the scum is unbeatable at the moment. This team is no ordinary freaking bastards but they are damned good bastards. Too many qualities on their line-up to allow any slip-up that many of us have been hoping for. My heart tells me to be brave and respectful. My heart tells me to accept that this season is still be in the hands of the scum.

  2. Usually at this juncture, people would love to analyse all the achievement that we have made this season. I would love to do so, but I guess I am bit too tired to do the maths and research. It has been a pretty long day for me.

  3. Like last week, I was called by my Group Editor-in-Chief to rewrite our cover story on the WOW pull-out due on Saturday. The deadline is tonight. So I have started working since last night, calling the relevant people - pushing for the desired photos and eventually, set for a photo-shoot at the showroom. Thus the 2pm additional work for me. Then rushed back to the office to take care my actual designated job.

  4. Thankfully, there was a lot of advertisement taking away most of the spaces on the 3 pages allocated for my segment. Because of that, the burden of editing and checking, then placing and positioning, then editing it again - became not so burdened! By 9pm, the cover story came back to me for the final checking. And about 9.30pm I could breath easily. So now I am waiting for the final whistle for 10pm. I still have to start early tomorrow. Got to returned the Mitsubishi Triton Lite, then go to Ford to test the Focus hatchback for the weekend. I missed my own truck but in terms of fuel, I guess I should be thankful again!

  5. Ok I do the analysis sometime this weekend, when I have more free time.



Due to a deluge of queries regarding the availability of and match ticket prices for Liverpool FC's tour in Singapore, we would like to announce that match tickets are available for booking at the Cobra Club and Baywatch for members who prefer to travel on their own to watch the Reds in action.

Members are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of RM100 per-ticket and the remainder upon collection of tickets. Both the Cobra Club and Baywatch will receive bookings from 7.00pm to 8.30pm before the live broadcast of the West Bromwich Albion game.

Bookings and deposits can be also made at the LSCM office from today to May 16, 2009 between 11.00am and 5.00pm.

We urge members to wait for updates of this sale, which will be published on http://www.lscm.com.my/ or call call our coordinators Norman (019 230 5927) and Kwan (016 222 1608) for more details.



So guys my fellow bloggers -

Make up your mind and decide now. I shall be visiting the LSCM office to do the booking tomorrow Friday (last day maaa...). If you're not a member, I can arrange the ticket for you but you got to trust me la because you'll need to bank-in the RM100 into my account ASAP. Communicate directly with me at official.liverpool@gmail.com for my personal phone number or to fix a place where we can meet and go together to the LSCM office (but since it is in Shah Alam, I wait you guys here laa).

As for Thailand, I am still determined to go there also.

13 May 2009


Can you point to me which one is Sammy Lee?

  1. HOW old were you when Sammy Lee, along with the likes of Kenny Daglish, Gramme Sounnes, Ian Rush and so on conquering the world football? I was really small then. And as I have admitted before, my sense of football was a bit confused by the strong performances of Liverpool in the 80’s and the attraction of cool jersey wore by Tottenham Hotspur. I knew then Liverpool was the team to beat but the bad publicity of their hooligans followers put me off. And I was in awe with the likes of Ossie Ardilles, Steve Archibald and Glen Hoddle.

  2. Sammy Lee had a stint with Bolton Wanderers. And we do know now it’s just not his dish. Thus returning to his alma mater – Liverpool, seems to be mutually beneficial for Sammy and Liverpool. It’s so happened that Rafa lost his No.2 guy and do you realise during those times our result was dingdong, up and down? We could win the hardest expected games against top teams in Europe but got beaten by a lowly team the next week?

  3. As you can see, my point is that – one of the main reason for Liverpool’s changed of tactics and approaches to the game – could be well because of Lee’s influence as a head coach. The tactic and approaches that Liverpool are employing now is so similar with what Sammy’s and company had been doing effectively in the 80’s. He’s inputs could also assisted Rafa in determining on how and who to play.

  4. Football FanCast guest columnist Ray Jones wonders how significant the summer arrival of Sammy Lee has been in the upturn in Liverpool's fortunes this season. He wrote: Sammy is clearly having an effect on the proceedings and I just wonder whether the passion and desire of an ex legend in the dressing room is having a huge impact and helping Rafa motivate this team. There is no question that there is a renewed passion and an ‘all for one' spirit displayed in Liverpool performances this season - is it simply just coincidence that it has arrived since Lee's arrival, or is he just a factor among many that have seen us return to our rightful spot in challenging for the title? Rafa described him today as the ‘near perfect no.2' and it makes you wonder if his presence is making all the difference this season.

  5. During the era of Gerrard Houllier, where Owen and Heskey were the 2 lethal front-man, I recalled one game (but forgot which team) where it had to be delayed because there were some issues at the stadium’s front gate and majority of the fans were not in yet when it was almost the kick-off time. So Sammy came into the pitch, gathered all the players in a circle around him and started the warming-up. For a small guy, he does give some spectacles. Most of the players around him were tall and huge. Heskey is huge. Samy Hyppia is tall. But all of them adhere to his instruction and did the warm-up in such a systematic manner. It’s so happened the camera was focusing on them for awhile and actually lots of thing you can learn from Sammy. The No.1 coach then was Phil Thompson. So, I do agree with Ray Jones that having an ex legend as your No.1 coach, does gives you an extra edge to perform better.

  6. For this, I salute Sammy Lee for his tremendous input in assisting Rafa to bring out the best out of the squad.

12 May 2009

An Israeli in us : Yossi Benayoun

  1. FIRSTLY, the argument is always childish and obnoxious when our opponent fans try to mock us for having Yossi Benayoun, a Jew, an Israeli - who happens to be one of our underrated player all along, simply because Rafa limits his game. I would like to debunk all the nonsense that our opponent try to link us about having Yossi within the squad since he signed from West Ham in July 2007.

  2. The Israel skipper began his career at Hapoel Be'er Sheva, 30 miles from where he was born and grew up.He was invited to join the Ajax Academy aged 15 but homesickness meant he spent just one full season in Holland before returning to Hapoel.

  3. Benayoun broke into the first team soon after his return in 1997, scoring 15 goals in his first season. Despite this, the club were relegated and their star man was off to Maccabi Haifa.

  4. Several foreign clubs had expressed an interest, but three years of national service would keep him at home until the age of 21. International recognition soon came his way, with the player nicknamed The Kid making his senior debut aged 18 against Portugal in November 1998.

  5. Benayoun was developing into one of the shining lights of Israeli football. He was the country's second top scorer in 1999-00 with 19 goals. In 2000-01 he helped lead Haifa to their first title in seven years, winning the division's most valuable player in the process. The following campaign brought another title-winner's medal but it was to be his last in his homeland.

  6. After four seasons, 130 appearances and 55 goals for Haifa, the midfielder was on his way to northern Spain and Racing Santander.Benayoun enjoyed three seasons in La Liga, managing 21 goals in 101 matches before financial difficulties forced his owners to cash in.

  7. West Ham reportedly paid £2.5million for the forward in the summer of 2005, though he instantly repaid some of his fee with two assists against Blackburn Rovers on the opening day of the season. Benayoun quickly established himself as one of the Premiership's best right-sided midfielders.

  8. His five goals and seven assists helped Alan Pardew's side finish 9th in 2005-06 - as well as an FA Cup final against Liverpool.

  9. West Ham may have lost on penalties, but their number 15's disappoint was soon eased with news he was being handed the Israeli captaincy. The father-of-two bagged another three goals in his final year with The Hammers, taking his total to eight in 63 league appearances.

  10. Benayoun made his Reds debut in a Champions League qualifier against Toulouse on August 15, 2007. Six weeks later he opened his Liverpool account with a classy run and finish in a 4-2 Carling Cup victory at Reading.

  11. More cup joy followed in November 2007 with a hat-trick in an 8-0 drubbing of Besiktas in the Champions League group stages. Benayoun tallied 11 goals in total during his debut season at Anfield, a credible return considering he wasn't always an automatic choice.

  12. This season he has scored 9 goals in total, including the most memorable one in Bernabeu on Feb 25, 2009. Again on 4 April 2009, Benayoun came in as a substitute in Liverpool match against Fulham to snatch a dramatic victory goal in the 90th minute. On April 21 2009, he scored two goals, including a 93rd minute equalizer against Arsenal in a 4-4 draw. He need 2 goals to equalised his goal tally last season.

  13. Football is a sport. It should transcend the issue of politics. I am a Muslim. And the predicament of our brothers in Palestine is close to my heart. But for me, as long as Yossi doesn't comment on what his country is doing onto its neighbours, I will not have a problem with him. Play on. Play football.

  14. Talk crap, talk about racism... pls go elsewhere, dear Man.U, Chelsea and Arsenal fans. And we don't really care about Carlsberg logo on our shirt. At least, we're not destroying the world financial bank's system... if you catch my drift.

  15. Next issue, we shall discuss the Jews in Man.U and Chelsea. We have to discuss it, to stop these nonsense once & for all, so that racism and politics must not cloud our minds.

11 May 2009


Cristiano Ronaldo entered the touchline tantrum hall of shame with a spectacular outburst at Old Trafford on Sunday.
The Manchester United star's face dropped as if told his pet hamster had died when being substituted in the 59th minute of his team's 2-0 defeat of Man. City.
Not one to grin and bear it, the four-, sorry, 24-year-old turned on the histrionics, flinging his tracksuit top to the floor, stomping off to his seat and sticking out his bottom lip in classic spoilt brat pose.
He could be seen minutes later looking down at his feet, head in hands, and refusing to drop his mask and break a smile.
It's obviously the kind of behaviour to be celebrated from the world player of the year, explained boss Sir Alex Ferguson.
‘He wanted to stay on. All players do. I have other games to think about,’ said the sage.

10 May 2009


I had to come down for my dinner at 9.30pm. So I switch the channel to the game. It was already 2-0. Boring. But the funny part is to see how furious Ronaldo was when he got substituted. Hahaha... Surely Sir Alex will have to say something about it and the newspaper tomorrow will be filled with speculations. But Man.City is crap! Helpless. Some of the players were just jaywalking. They didn't even bothered to fight for the ball. It was like an auto-cruise for the scum. Luckily Man City didn't conceded more than 2 goals. They are hopeless. Thoroughly!

I shall return to my work. Good Night! Pls don't sms me on the next game. I'm not bothered!

West Hammered 0 - 3 Liverpool (When winning is overshadowed by the urges for Man.U to slip)

Watching Gerrard's goal in the 2nd minutes is like being told of the ending of a Star Wars movie while you're just grabbing your first popcorn!... The suspense all gone but only for us to smile victoriously...

  1. May be the weather was the reason behind it. Or too much futsal for the last a couple of days - 2 hours on the Friday evening and a tournament I shouldn't be playing-in, for 4 hours on Saturday morning... then turned up for my 4pm shift in the office. Or could it be our goal was too soon for me ``to feel'' the game. It was as shocking to the West Ham fans and to most of us also when Gerrard managed to connect with Torres through ball to score one of his fastest goal ever! And for that, I found myself dozing off for the last 15 minutes. I managed to be awake when Babel scored before floating to my ZZzzzz... again and woke up again in the 90th minutes, pleading for the ref to finish the game. It was 2.30am.

  2. No, it doesn't mean that the game was boring. It was interesting enough. But for all the media propaganda of how much West Ham could be a threat for Liverpool (since the Upton Park club is themselves eyeing for the slot in the next season's Europa League), West Ham was a mediocre club. I am proud of Liverpool's display. But I was a bit exhausted. May be because of the weather. May be because too much futsal. hehehe...

  3. This could be the reason also that I only post my comment in the evening. Alarmed with the hot weather, I took my family to one of the shopping complex... to save my house's aircond, thus to utilise the mall's. And when I got back at 4pm, the first I did was took a shower and turned on the aircond (what?) and went for a quick nap.... until 6.30pm. hahaha... The heat is very much evident until now. 8.30pm... You guys, drink more water and avoid too much direct sunlight. You may get migraine if you refuse my advice. I even wore a cap while driving!

  4. I am not interested to discuss what could have happened if Liverpool play like this since last year, and not just last February. Some even mentioned of how much over-reliance Liverpool were on Gerrard-Torres combination. I hate to remind that we did clinch one of the memorable win against one of Spanish giant, Real Madrid WITHOUT both of them. It's true, when Liverpool wasn't experiencing free scoring moments like now, we tend to look at Gerrard for the inspirational goal. However, I must point it out now that Liverpool have produce some sterling performances when Gerrard was out injured. Okay, the result could have been different if Gerrard was on the field during the clash with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. I say there were nothing wrong on the front line. Not least with us having 2 goals on the first half. It was the backside who were the culprit. My point remain that the squad has developed in a better phase, even when Gerrard wasn't around. Of course, with him playing, you would get a shocking 76 second goal from him!

  5. As for Torres, we know that all the opponent's coach has studied his style of playing for many many hours. Thus the minimum requirement of 2 defenders to shadow him and a compulsory for the other 2 to be within a few meters in front of him, so to cordon his movement. Boa Morte had to use his hands to stop Torres, last night. I wouldn't mind Gerrard took the penalty kick, though it would be marvellous if Torres was given the opportunity to add to his goal tally this season.

  6. In a few minutes, Man. City will try to do us some favour if they can stop the scum. I'm not sure I'll be watching because there are pressing articles that I must complete and send tomorrow morning. Don't worry, I'll keep myself update on line. GO ROBINHO! (hihihi...YNWA)

09 May 2009


  1. At 8.20am today (and that was very very early for me...), I was already at the Ampang's Futsal Sports Planet hall. Me and some of my young office mates participated in the Inter-media Futsal Tournament organised by Bank Muamalat. And man... when I said ``young office mates'' that is because during the submission of participation, I realised I was the only person whose I.C number started with 7 while the rest were 8. I have to accept that I am no longer belong to that age group. hmmm....

  2. First thing I noticed when I arrived at the hall, I hardly recognised the other media participants. It's either they are also represented by the young thugs or they are non-editorial staffers. I told my mates that even though we got knackered, we should be proud because our line-ups were 100 % from the Editorial Dept. hahaha just to patronise ourselves...

  3. The result... well... I achieved our modest target... one win, one draw and 2 losses. hahaha... I must say that our team was assembled in a week and having myself playing as the fullback, didn't really help when most of my mates couldn't connect with my style of play. I combined a bit of Carragher and Agger. Robust and tough body contact. Of course, using such tactics didn't really work in futsal. It was quick thinking, quick feet and serious kick on the target. One funny moment was that I had to use both of my hands to cover my head from a direct hard kick in front of me. I apologised to the ref to which he answer, it's okay, I know you didn't do it on purposed. The ensuing freekick cause us another goal. Darned....! A good lesson for me.

  4. The great lesson I got is that, don't play futsal with the younger generation. You simply don't have the stamina to compete. Not with a pot belly and cigarettes a pack a day! I must rethink my involvement in the futsal setup. May be I am more suitable to be the manager and not manager/player. I think I can satisfy myself by having the game with my fellow generation in Shah Alam. At least, I know if I really push it hard, my opponent would stop. But the younger generation won't do that. They'll give you one hell of a time! hahaha... Actually I am pretty exhausted tonight. I hope I can sustain til 12.30am. That's when Torres score against West Ham. Thank you for visiting my blog at this wee-hour! (I'm in the office still now...)

08 May 2009

LEND YOUR SUPPORT FOR MAN. CITY (on a temporary basis for 90mins ONLY)

Robinho gave a THUMBS UP for the support he was given by the Liverpool fans all around the world for 90 mins only on Sunday.

  1. In all seriousness, even though Man. City shares the same city with the scum - the blue half is nothing like Everton to Liverpool. While Liverpool can go do some serious catching-up work for the no.1 slot, Everton is eyeing for the no.5 slot. This show what an impressive city it is, in terms of football (& music!). This is not the same with the two Mancunians. The first is the scum, while the other is hmmm... so mediocre at 8th position in the League, regardless of how much money they have spend on 1 player.

  2. This is the things that really put us off when we're hoping Man. City a.k.a The Citizen to help us by defeating their more popular other half, tomorrow. Robinho has been scoring lately and Ireland performance also shows he has that consistency to hold on his job for the whole season (Ireland would be a good extra for Liverpool?). But what are we kidding ourselves for? The scum is on top of their game right now. The only club that can stop them is Liverpool but we have played them twice and we beat them twice. Can Man.City emulate us?

  3. And guys, start memorising the other Man. City players aside then Robinho and Ireland. We gonna be Man. City fan for only 90 minutes on Sunday. hahaha....

07 May 2009

Chelsea will never win the Champions League, even next season

TWO very angry Chelsea primadonnas. Small photo on top left shows Ballack's hand hit the ref. And Drogba was reading a voodoo spell at the ref, while the big photo shows Ballack was so furious his solo attack was blocked by the ref.... (hey get out of my way!...hahaha... )

  1. Chelsea was a total disgrace. Never a gentleman when they win and horrendously acted like a pirate when they lost to Barca last night. They harassed the ref, albeit he's decision was the focal point of contention by the Chelsea. Having said that, no matter what, there is no excuse nor reasoning to condone such a very unsporting behaviour. Drogba and Ballack were the two gangsters on the pitch last night. In fact some still-photo shows as if Ballack's hands `hit' the ref's face. This surely will spell trouble for both of the them and of course, the club.

  2. Chelsea is a club not so much filled with superstar players - they're just overrated players. More fittingly to describe those millionaire is as simply as ``egomaniacs''. They thought the club is the biggest in the galaxy. That's why they can't accept losses in a gentleman manner or at least, civilised nature. Drogba and Ballack's rude behavior, unruly, unsporting type - must be some sort of an embarrassment for the fans, and really a turned-off for the neutrals. Chelsea should include Joey Barton in their shopping list for next season.

  3. Above all, Chelsea is still in their dreams. The club was rebuilt on the back of one multi-rich Russian-Jew, a crony to the Moscow big shot. Since then, they thought they can win every cup, including woman's football. They almost succeeded but the Champions League champ is still eluding them. Let it be so for many many seasons to come.

06 May 2009

About last night's game... you know what

I got this beg in a mall in Singapore last year. The design is a bit different from the one that are sold here in Malaysia. That's the reason I bought it, though my wife is using it now because it is simply a woman's beg.

  1. I have no intention to analyse last night's game between the scum and Arse-nile. It has no relevant what so ever to me, other than a frown that Arsenal was outplayed TOTALLY! Didn't I told you guys that Arsenal is nothing but a bunch of school kids squad. They can't compete with real players, real man.

  2. My very point is that if this is what Arsenal could only do unto Man. U, how would they perform when the scum revisit The Emirates in a couple of weeks for the important Premier League game? My point is that, Liverpool simply can't rely on Arsenal to inflict any serious challenges towards the scum. hmmm....

  3. Well, we do know that Liverpool chances is already kaput. The scum is way too good. But I refuse to surrender now. Not until Man. City's game against the scum. If Man. City could come up with a surprise win, well... there could be a better chance. If not, we'll concentrate on next season. But it has been a good fight up til now. If not for the too many draws....

05 May 2009


The goal or the SCUD that he headed into Arsenal's net in the last season CL quarter-finals, is among the top 10 of my `best goal' lists.

It was officially announced yesterday that the most reliable, non-controversial fullback for Liverpool FC, Mr Samy Hyppia will be leaving the club in the summer. I wanted to write yesterday, but I was tight up with some other things like preparing invoices... hahaha...

My attachment with Hyppia is enormous. He was a surprise package bought by Gerard Houllier in 1999, simply because he was an unknown entity in England. But he proves what a bargain buy he was for Liverpool when he not only established himself to be the ROCK at the back, but also the epitome of some great wins, namely The Treble of 2001: Worthington Cup, FA Cup and UEFA.

When you had Michael Owen infront and Hyppia at the back... Liverpool registered the most solid defence and Owen together with Emile Heskey emerged as the dinamic duo not only for the club, but also for England, then. The satellite tv in Malaysia was still in its infancy, and you have to pray hard that the tv would broadcast Liverpool's game. hahaha... I remember I dare myself to spend RM70 for my first serious purchasing of LFC merchandise (Now I spend almost every month to buy anything that has an LFC logo... nuts...)

Below are 10 things you must know about Hyppia. And bear in mind, Hyppia can never go wrong with Liverpool fans. He will be cheered and respected for all his services.

MR Hyppia, this is for you : SALUTE! SALUTE! SALUTE!

  1. Sami Tuomas Hyypiä (born 7 October 1973) is a Finnish footballer who plays in the centre back position. Currently, he plays for Liverpool in the English Premier League and is the captain of the Finland national football team. He will join German Bundesliga side Bayer Leverkusen in July.

  2. Hyypiä began his career with Ykkönen side KuMu and soon moved to Veikkausliiga outfit MyPa. He spent four years at the club, helping them win the Finnish Cup in 1992 and 1995. He moved to Willem II Tilburg in 1995 and spent the following four years there. He became the team captain and was nominated their player of the year after helping them qualify for the UEFA Champions League.

  3. Hyypiä moved to Liverpool, the team he supported as a child, in a deal worth £2.6 million. He quickly established himself in the first team, partnering Stéphane Henchoz in defence. By 2001, he regularly captained the team and that season Liverpool won a slew of honours: completing a cup treble of the Football League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Cup, in addition to winning the UEFA Super Cup and FA Community Shield.

  4. He became full-time captain in the 2001–02 season and was part of the Football League Cup winning team in 2003. Steven Gerrard superseded him as captain in 2003 but he occasionally captained the side in his absence. Hyypiä won his highest football honour in 2005 as a part of Liverpool's victorious 2004–05 Champions League campaign.

  5. Hyypiä has been a prominent figure in the Finland national team and has been selected as the Finnish Sports' Journalists and Football Association Player of the Year numerous times.

  6. He made his debut in 1992 and since then has captained the team on various occasions, fulfilling the role of second choice captain. He is the third most capped Finnish player after Jari Litmanen and Ari Hjelm.

  7. In April 2008, Hyypiä signed a new deal until Summer 2009 with Benitez stating he is a good role model for young defenders such as Martin Skrtel and Daniel Agger. The 2008/2009 season marked the defender's tenth season at the club. On the 22 August 2008 Premier League newcomers Stoke City F.C. offered £2.5 million for Hyypiä but Liverpool rejected the offer.

  8. On 2 March 2008 with his appearance against Bolton Wanderers, Hyypiä made it into the top 20 Liverpool FC player appearances of all time.

  9. Hyypiä was voted in 19th place in Sky Sports' Top 50 Premier League Foreign Players, in 45th place in FourFourTwo magazine's 100 Greatest Foreigner Players,and in 38th position in the Liverpool's "100 Players Who Shook the Kop". Underlining the important role Hyypiä had fulfilled at Liverpool, Ian Rush noted: "He’s got to be up there with the best signings the club has ever made."

  10. On 4 May 2009, it was announced that Sami had signed two-year contract with Bayer Leverkusen. Liverpool had offered him the chance to stay at Anfield in a coaching capacity but Sami decided to carry on playing. He will move to the Bundesliga side when his contract expires in the summer.

04 May 2009

LFC 3 - Newcastle 0

Without much publicity, Kuyt has been a goal-scoring machine of late. The Newcastle goal was his 11th in the Premier League and 3 in The Champions League this season. Add another 7 for Netherlands = 21.

  1. I'm not sure if any of you are feeling the same with what I felt now with the win last night. A bit of anxiety! Can't categorised it as a joy, since the win is at the moment only confirmed us at No.2 on the League while our target is still on the No.1 slot itself. Is it a foregone conclusion or a slight chances to clinch it away from Man.U? Let's do the the speculative analysis: Man.U is meeting Arsenal soon. Based on the kids performances now, Cesz Fabregas and Co. possibly could muster a surprised, just like they did on us. Like Rooney, that is the game where we - LFC Fans - will be rooting and cheering Arsenal. and we need Man.U to lose 2 games. Or lose 1 and draw 1 and we can win by goal difference. Today, the goal-gap is 3 goals. This week, Man.U have to shuffle the squad. One in Champions and one in the League. We know if they use all their superpower: Rooney, Ronaldo, Tevez ... that would be farewell for any of their opponent. But Berbatov is a player who can't go physical so... there is always a possibility there to really take advantage of the different nature of the superstar at Odd Deadfort.

  2. Coming back to last night's game, I must say Joey Barton played really well before he went for a stupid two-footed tackled on Alonso. Well... never mind. Barton has been a controversial figure all year long. The worst part about this fella is that he is not only hated on the pitch for his crazy decision-making (though he can play quite okay) but he is also somewhat a strange character off the pitch. Thank God Alonso didn't incur a more serious injury. If not, this column will be dedicated to condemn and cursed Joey Barton.

  3. Do you feel pity to Alan Shearer? Liverpool win last night went to the 2nd tier of almost every UK newspaper that I read. It was more on Shearer. There were many special reports, focusing on his supposedly-save-by-neck job for Newcastle. Even the Kops taunted him in Anfield which he took it in good humour. For that, we should admire his gentleman approach. In fact, during his playing days, I must admit... he was the magnet for me to watch the Newcastle game and those days, the squad was not bad at all. Today... hmmm... the way they play last night, they shouldn't be in Premier League.

  4. What about Michael Owen? It's a pity for such a player to be in that poor squad. He's hair was big and I think he has gain some weight, too. What if... what if Rafa take him to Anfield next season?

01 May 2009

AGGER AGREE TO STAY. yipeeeee.........

  1. I have been working straight for a week since last Saturday. I can tell you what burned-out means at this point of time. And crazy as I can reveal that tomorrow I am heading to my in-laws place some 300km away and I'm not sure if the bosses prepare a substitution for me tomorrow. And reading the news that Agger will stay longer with LFC does brighten my mind a bit.


  1. My favourite UK news online, The Daily Sports came out with a speculative story (nothing wrong with it... just to spice our life!) that Tevez is on Rafa's radar. Wait... it's still a speculative item. And bear in mind, Sir Alex has this policy of never to sale his player to Liverpool. Remember Heinze? So I shall not prolong, analyse or bothered about it.

  2. Next game against Newcastle United, well... victory is almost assured. Regardless the fact that the Toon Army has a new general in Alan Shearer, the squad is too depleted to inflict any serious challenge to Liverpool. However saying that, the only thing that could see Liverpool falter is their own wrong-doing. Let's put it clear: A win is very sure. A draw is out of question. So we should be winning with a big margin. And if Owen managed to convert a goal, it would considered as a cardinal sin for the Liverpool fullbacks. Capish? There shouldn't be any consolation goal for the opposition like what happened in the match against Hull City.

  3. Mentioning Hull City, I couldn't resist to discuss the spitting saga of not Elhaj Diof, but Cesc Fabregas who have been charged with 2 counts of improper conduct by the FA. To me it's easy. Because Arsenal team is overwhelmingly under-aged players so their behaviour is inadvertently reflex their real world... full of childish reaction. They can't handled losing, and it appears now that they surely can't handled triumph and maintain that respective attitude towards your opponent-while you're on the same pitch. You can do all the bragging when you're away interviewed one-on-one with the TV crew but to do it on the pitch, of course that kind of lack-of-class gesture is construed as insulting.

  4. On the same note, Cesc could be facing a ban - if found guilty. I hope if he does, the ban can be carried out next season. Somehow, Arsenal still need him to blow Man.U in the Premier League. To a bigger point, WE need him to blow Man.U. hahaha...

  5. And you guys, HAPPY LABOUR DAY! .... it's a kind of funny. On the celebration day for workers, we are given a public holiday. It's ironic to me because, wouldn't it be better if we celebrate the day in the office and rejuvenate our enthusiasm to enhance our job quality? hmmm... what am I talking about? hahaha... well, I am working today.



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
If we have them now, say farewell to Arsenal, Man.U and Chelsea... if...