20 May 2009

TEVEZ For £50million? Seriously? Rafa must tell us

  1. WOW... if the news about Tevez is to be believed, he is well on the way to Anfield... for £50m !!! Well the break down is SUPPOSEDLY : £26m asking fee AND a staggering £160,000-a-week three-year deal — worth £8.3m-a-year. if this is true, he will be the MOST expensive player for Liverpool, surpassing Gerrard's pay who is now thought to be taking home £130,000-a-week.

  2. The news were discovered by default. Well, it was reported that way ( I can't stop being cynical until the official announcement by LFC). It seems that Tottenham Hotspur tried to lay some amount to prise Tevez but were told by his owner, Kia Joorabchian that Liverpool already close the deal with the amount mentioned above!

  3. At this point of time, I say - I believed the story when it is confirmed officially by the club. Not by the bias-UK-newspapers. Though it would be interesting to see the reaction from Old Trafford to lose one of their crown jewel whom they don't know how to take care!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

50juta??????mane nk dpt duit????
kite dh dpt owner baru ke????
rafa dh wt gler plak....
kelab kite pokai la pas beli tevez..hahaha
same2 kite 2nggu tevez saga nih....





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