25 May 2009


  1. Reading the post-match report of how LFC defeated Hotspur, does bring some anger in me. Hmmm... There were 4 goals. 3 belonged to LFC. And of course, the special tribute for Samy was huge. They had that placards at the Kop end - displaying Sami's name and Finland flag. And picture above, I don't remember even Rafa got that kind of treatment when we won the Champions Cup in 2005. hahaha...

  2. As mentioned in the title, since there was no live telecast of our match, I opted to watch DVD, instead. So took out Tom Cruise's Valkyrie. It was a sympathetic portrayal of a less-known anti-Hitler within the Germans and almost unknown to popular WWII history. Well, since the history was written mainly by the Allied Forces and Western propagandist, of course such incidents were condemned to a footnote or deleted all together! I'm a bit taken aback that for all the books that I collected and movies that I watched on WWII, I didn't know at all about it.

  3. Ya, Valkyrie was 2008 movie and it took me til last night to eventually watch it, though the DVD has been in my possession since March. I went to my vendor and told him, I want to have ALL the Oscar awards movies. And two nights ago I just watch the Slumdog. hahaha... better late than never. Well, with my working schedule now, watching DVD has to be done in a correct and proper timing. Usually I would be home by midnight. It's not a good idea to watch DVD by then. You need to recover and have a sufficient sleep. But even during the weekend also it's seems impossible when it collided with football matches. Now it is off-season, I think there will be more opportunity.

  4. Hey I'm still waiting for your replies on the Thailand trip. C'mon. It's far it's true but it would give us a different view on the game. Thailand played like an English team. You know who is the current coach for them.

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