23 May 2009


  1. To my total disappointment, I found out there would be no live telecast on our last match tomorrow. Instead they opted for the scum game against the Hull and Aston Villa vs Newcastle. I am a bit puzzled. The whole season, the fixtures could be changed for the purpose of live telecast and yet, for tomorrow, all the game were played the same time.

  2. May be they want to avoid the element of fixing, in particular for those who are fighting for their life in the Premiership. But in the case of LFC and Hotspur? Perhaps the onus would be on Hotspur because they are trying to clinch the 7th spot from Fulham. Again, it is still impossible because Fulham is the form team now whereas their opponent, Everton wouldn't want to risk injury to its players prior to the FA Cup.

  3. However, in Liverpool's position - we also facing some concerned if we were to lose the game and Chelsea could overtake us. Though Chelsea must score more than 5 goals to do that. Well, the positive outcome is that I can rearrange my schedule and do something else more important than watching those games.

  4. As for the tickets to Singapore, you guys can also purchased it elsewhere than LSCM. The price is the same. As for my trip, I think it is almost certain - though one of my blocks is asking if he could bring his gf. I'm still pondering about it. I'm a bit reluctant to do so. It's supposed to be ALL GUYS NIGHT OUT - WATCHING FOOTBALL - ACROSS THE BORDER!

  5. Now what I want you to consider as well is the trip to Thailand. The game is on 22 July. Anyone care to join me?


kajang-today said...

i'm sticking with S'pore for various reasons...food, hotel,CIQ blabla.

Off season, think we should organise a mini get together for us, Liverpool bloggers. Just to kill the sadness of not able to watch LFC in action. Can't wait for next season, smell something rosy.

KTrg LFC said...

Because Hull is involved in the relegation battle, hence for the live telecast of Hull vs MU match. That's what Astro usually does when the title is already decided.

Live streaming on the internet is the only option for Liverpool fans wanting to watch the spurs game.

Ticket price for the Bangkok match is a lot cheaper. But then again, Singapore is a lot closer.

Piggy Singh said...

This is out of the box thingy.

Could we do it Perak style, collect video evidence that Ronaldo dived for penalties, go to court to present the case and demand the court to hold the title until trial ends.

At least the hope is still there.

But which court? Certainly not ours.

Johardy Hj Ibrahim said...

ehhh Singh.... let it be lah. hahaha...



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