12 May 2009

An Israeli in us : Yossi Benayoun

  1. FIRSTLY, the argument is always childish and obnoxious when our opponent fans try to mock us for having Yossi Benayoun, a Jew, an Israeli - who happens to be one of our underrated player all along, simply because Rafa limits his game. I would like to debunk all the nonsense that our opponent try to link us about having Yossi within the squad since he signed from West Ham in July 2007.

  2. The Israel skipper began his career at Hapoel Be'er Sheva, 30 miles from where he was born and grew up.He was invited to join the Ajax Academy aged 15 but homesickness meant he spent just one full season in Holland before returning to Hapoel.

  3. Benayoun broke into the first team soon after his return in 1997, scoring 15 goals in his first season. Despite this, the club were relegated and their star man was off to Maccabi Haifa.

  4. Several foreign clubs had expressed an interest, but three years of national service would keep him at home until the age of 21. International recognition soon came his way, with the player nicknamed The Kid making his senior debut aged 18 against Portugal in November 1998.

  5. Benayoun was developing into one of the shining lights of Israeli football. He was the country's second top scorer in 1999-00 with 19 goals. In 2000-01 he helped lead Haifa to their first title in seven years, winning the division's most valuable player in the process. The following campaign brought another title-winner's medal but it was to be his last in his homeland.

  6. After four seasons, 130 appearances and 55 goals for Haifa, the midfielder was on his way to northern Spain and Racing Santander.Benayoun enjoyed three seasons in La Liga, managing 21 goals in 101 matches before financial difficulties forced his owners to cash in.

  7. West Ham reportedly paid £2.5million for the forward in the summer of 2005, though he instantly repaid some of his fee with two assists against Blackburn Rovers on the opening day of the season. Benayoun quickly established himself as one of the Premiership's best right-sided midfielders.

  8. His five goals and seven assists helped Alan Pardew's side finish 9th in 2005-06 - as well as an FA Cup final against Liverpool.

  9. West Ham may have lost on penalties, but their number 15's disappoint was soon eased with news he was being handed the Israeli captaincy. The father-of-two bagged another three goals in his final year with The Hammers, taking his total to eight in 63 league appearances.

  10. Benayoun made his Reds debut in a Champions League qualifier against Toulouse on August 15, 2007. Six weeks later he opened his Liverpool account with a classy run and finish in a 4-2 Carling Cup victory at Reading.

  11. More cup joy followed in November 2007 with a hat-trick in an 8-0 drubbing of Besiktas in the Champions League group stages. Benayoun tallied 11 goals in total during his debut season at Anfield, a credible return considering he wasn't always an automatic choice.

  12. This season he has scored 9 goals in total, including the most memorable one in Bernabeu on Feb 25, 2009. Again on 4 April 2009, Benayoun came in as a substitute in Liverpool match against Fulham to snatch a dramatic victory goal in the 90th minute. On April 21 2009, he scored two goals, including a 93rd minute equalizer against Arsenal in a 4-4 draw. He need 2 goals to equalised his goal tally last season.

  13. Football is a sport. It should transcend the issue of politics. I am a Muslim. And the predicament of our brothers in Palestine is close to my heart. But for me, as long as Yossi doesn't comment on what his country is doing onto its neighbours, I will not have a problem with him. Play on. Play football.

  14. Talk crap, talk about racism... pls go elsewhere, dear Man.U, Chelsea and Arsenal fans. And we don't really care about Carlsberg logo on our shirt. At least, we're not destroying the world financial bank's system... if you catch my drift.

  15. Next issue, we shall discuss the Jews in Man.U and Chelsea. We have to discuss it, to stop these nonsense once & for all, so that racism and politics must not cloud our minds.


Firol said...

Dont forget Bro..Behind Arsenal is Big Big Jews....

ir torres said...

arsenal tu lagi la penyangak yahudi terbesar...
tahla bro.. asalkan kite tak kasi duit kat yahudi tu dah la... bukannye si benayun nak penggal kepala elzhar... football lah.. kick out rasicm..

bro bleh baca entri sy sblm ni

Anonymous said...

MU, Chelsea dan Spurs lagi teruk, pemilik mereka memang sah Yahudi! ..Arsenal pun ada pengaruh yahudi

Piggy Singh said...

The truth is there are plenty of jewish communities that oppose the aggresion of zionist regime, but we did get to see in newspaper because the world media is strictly controlled by their people.

Anonymous said...

ala bro...kalau Haram tu tetap Haram...PLSSS don't forget about HUKUM

Johardy Hj Ibrahim said...

alahai aku ingatkan dah habis polemik ni. Amende kau berleter pasal haram/halal ni? Sejak bila sokong Yossi jadi haram? Kepala tut kau la. Yang kita anti ialah doktrin Zionis. Bukan Yahudi secara khusus. Kita perangi Yahudi yang memerangi kita. Yahudi yang berniat berdamai, kita biarkanlah. Ingat Ubaidiyah.

Aku seronok orang selalu ingat aku jahil agama. Biar lah. Mungkin bila orang tu ingat dia lebih tinggi agamanya dari aku, mungkin dia masuk syurga cepat sikit kot. Mudah-mudahan... Tapi hati tu kena bersihkan. Jangan takbur. Jangan angkuh. Islam milik sejagat. Kalau tak reti nak berdebat, tak payah mai masuk blog ni lagi. Buang karan je.



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