14 May 2009


  1. MY heart says I shouldn't be declaring defeat now. Not at least til the match between the scum and Arsenal concluded this weekend. But my heart also rationalised that in terms of form, the scum is unbeatable at the moment. This team is no ordinary freaking bastards but they are damned good bastards. Too many qualities on their line-up to allow any slip-up that many of us have been hoping for. My heart tells me to be brave and respectful. My heart tells me to accept that this season is still be in the hands of the scum.

  2. Usually at this juncture, people would love to analyse all the achievement that we have made this season. I would love to do so, but I guess I am bit too tired to do the maths and research. It has been a pretty long day for me.

  3. Like last week, I was called by my Group Editor-in-Chief to rewrite our cover story on the WOW pull-out due on Saturday. The deadline is tonight. So I have started working since last night, calling the relevant people - pushing for the desired photos and eventually, set for a photo-shoot at the showroom. Thus the 2pm additional work for me. Then rushed back to the office to take care my actual designated job.

  4. Thankfully, there was a lot of advertisement taking away most of the spaces on the 3 pages allocated for my segment. Because of that, the burden of editing and checking, then placing and positioning, then editing it again - became not so burdened! By 9pm, the cover story came back to me for the final checking. And about 9.30pm I could breath easily. So now I am waiting for the final whistle for 10pm. I still have to start early tomorrow. Got to returned the Mitsubishi Triton Lite, then go to Ford to test the Focus hatchback for the weekend. I missed my own truck but in terms of fuel, I guess I should be thankful again!

  5. Ok I do the analysis sometime this weekend, when I have more free time.


tombiruo said...


KTrg LFC said...

LFC must learn fast from the season's failure. This season is dominated by ifs and buts.. However Mr Benitez has to take the bulk of the blame for his defensive-minded and cautious approach earlier in the season. Given a choice i would prefer a new manager. Now that MU will in all probability equal our 18 titles, the battle for the outright status as England's most successful team is about to begin. Thank God, we are still superior to them in Europe. That's why Fergie envies us and will never be able to live and die with that fact. OK, lets have a duel with MU. Bring them on!! Show them what we are made of.

Anonymous said...

Tukar2lah picture tu bro..itu zaman batu punya cerita lah.
Orang lain ada gak modal..
MU - finalis Carling Cup, Champ League & EPL
CHELSEA - finalis FA Cup, semi finalis Champ League
ARSENAL - semi finalis Champ League
this season, You never Win Again..kehkehkeh

rempit said...

Anom, tulis la bernas sket..langsung tak ada kualiti, lebih kepada kedangkalan kamu..

Johardy Hj Ibrahim said...

Bro Rempit,

Orang yang sama jugak tu, kerap masuk blog Liverpool kita ni. Toksah marah dia sebab dia tadak blog lain nak pi. Maklumlah penyokong club lain semua buta huruf dan malas menulis dan membaca. So nak tak nak, terpaksalah kacau kita kat sini. huahuahuahua

Anonymous said...

langau cm 2 la bro...
hinggap sane sini wt kotor tpt org....


Anonymous said...

rempit,nak kualiti ape kalau team u tak pernah menang trofi...
ckp je lebih..




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