28 May 2009

BARCELONA BEAT MANCHESTER UNITED. Proves the scum shouldn't be in the Finals after all.

Messi's ultimate masterpiece... as Ferdinand could only looking at it helplessly. Like Liverpool did in the 4-1 thrashing of the scum on 14 February 2009 at Old Trafford.

Now look at van Der Sar's face... was he watching a horror movie? Yes and he was the victim!

  1. LAST Tuesday, this fella - TR was so loud. Arrogant at best. He taunted me, teasing me with his every sentences, where most of the time I wasn't involved in the conversation in the first place. My only problem was that my desk is just opposite his. TR used all the snipping he could think of on me... about how the scum is going to the finals, the carlsberg, the no.2 slots... To a point I replied with a clear voice - IN THE NAME OF GOD, WHEN YOU LOSE THURSDAY, ALLOW ME TO LAUGH AT YOUR FACE! And officially it would be a revenge!

  2. Ohhh... what a great feeling today for me and for all of you! When I reached home at 1.30am last night, I had the question lingering all the way from the office. To watch or no to. But as I settled down (quick hot shower) then I heard the rain. I said it's better for me to take advantage of the cold weather to really enjoy my sleep. After all, I won't be missing anything. Barca has sufficient firepower to do the job. How true it is now.

  3. I'm on my off-day today since I have to work this weekends. Should I show up in the office - just to LAUGH at TR's face? Would it do any good? Naaa... it can wait. After all, there are many staffs that you don't want to give a bad example on how to behave when Manchester United lost. hahaha... no... it should be like this - HAHAHA


Anonymous said...

sebenar MU juara liga nasib jak,dengan liverpool pun sik dapat menang apatah lagi dgn Barcelona.
huahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah MU kalah,yea,yea,yea
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

padan muke manuer ahahahaha!!!
manuer sux!!!!


Firol said...

Very-very syok today...

Gelakkan peminat MU...
Terlebih rehat sangat....

Menang Liga pun kira nasib la

Johardy Hj Ibrahim said...

Weiii geng. amacam malam esok nak jumpa tak?

tombiruo said...

hehehehe, memang menang nasib. Liverfool yg sepatutnya jumpa Barca di final tapi nasib tiada. apa nak buat.... menghibur hati yang lara, dapat tropi angin lagi musim ni...hik hik hik

Piggy Singh said...

What matters most is the end, as there's saying save the best for last.

The end for MU is a sad one. Though the title has been grabbed, it sounds like a premature climax.

lfc, Mana Kajang ni, kata nak jumpa.

Johardy Hj Ibrahim said...

wehhh kalau kita tak dapat buat ketetapan mengenai perjumpaan malam ni by 4pm... kira tak jadi lah. Boleh aku focus kat dinner ulang tahun ke-70 Utusan Malaysia



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