16 May 2009


  1. Noticing that majority of you didn't conversed with me in this blog for the last few days, I guess the mood is somewhat somber and it is understandable.

  2. I visited the LSCM office in Section 9, Shah Alam yesterday but had to hold because a few of you didn't really finalised the decision. So I ended up purchasing a cap for RM50 (which is priced RM65 at the normal market). I shall return on Monday. So any of you who wants to go can have a whole day tomorrow to think and decide. By the way, as a member - I am allowed to purchase only 3 tickets for non-members. Zaidi has confirmed. 2 more still thinking. So hurry. I got an email from Syahwan. He is on my list now.

  3. As for tonight's 7.40 game, I don't know if I will be watching but since I am in the office, the scum's supporters here will surely turned on the TV to that channel. Let's hope Arsenal will come up with some interesting fight of their life and eventually win the game.

  4. I doubt if that would make any difference because the scum is still very much on the driving seat. But who knows? I still keep my faith. YNWA!


Anonymous said...

IT's all over..We have to wait for another season..Please stop this nonsense@MU from overtaking us..BTW i expect tickets for both matches in Bangkok and Singapore will be sold out due to massive support for LFC in Asia. I wonder though where the game in Singapore wiil be played.Correct me, but isnt The kallang stadium has been torn down to make way for a brand new stadium?

tombiruo said...

yes it's all over.... hehehehehe

Khan said...

Trying very hard to sing aloud Monty Python's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (whistle whistle whistle...)

Johardy Hj Ibrahim said...


The ticket is handled by LSCM. I'm not sure about the stadium. Through LSCM, members can put in RM100 deposit for ticket. I was informed that there will be no special treatment from Singapore for us. So the club officials will go purchase in bulk. For RM200 the deposit if for a package : meal, ticket, bus. Details are below.

I am going to the club tomorrow. Anyone care to join me?



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