29 June 2009


Katlego Mphela scored a brilliant goal from a brilliantly taken free-kick outside the penalty box to force the game against Spain into extra-time.

  1. I didn't watch the final match between Brazil and USA. I opted to recover my energy by switching off the lights and snore to Ecstasy! hahaha... but I did watch Spain vs South Africa (well... in a way, because the only time that I managed to sit proper was the last 10 minutes of the extra time... I was in the office last night). But I saw all 5 goals, including Alonso's winning free kick.

  2. Now as a Kop fans, many of us would ponder and excite ourselves about Alonso's accurate kick. None of us would challenge that as he has prove it at the club level. And last night, that goal won his national squad a paltry 3rd place, under USA then Brazil. hmmm... USA...

  3. One South African player that impressed me was Katlego Mphela. Mphela's introduction changed that. He scored a goal in the 73rd minute, which looked like being enough until Spanish goals in the 88th and 89th minute looked to have stolen the match from the South Africans. Mphela then produced arguably the goal of the tournament with a free kick from 30 yards, which turned out to be the last action of the 90 mins, sending the game into extra time.

  4. So I search the net for Mphela. Who is he? First and foremost, I didn't see any known club affiliated with his name. It's because he is playing in the local league of South Africa with a club named Mamelodi Sundowns. Who knows after this, he might transfer to England with his good performance in the tournament. Even if it's going to be materialise, I doubt it would be Anfield. May be Goodison Park? It suited them small club better.

  5. This is really an impressive fact because Mphela is one of the many homegrown talent in South Africa that have proven that they can really challenge the other top teams, not only in the confederation cup but more importantly, next year's World Cup. I doubt if they would do South Korea or Japan that relies heavily on penalties to advance in the tournament. They played with exciting tactics and had a strong Brazilian samba's influence in the skills and one-touch capabilities. Ask the coach.

  6. I might be impressed but I won't recommend Mphela as yet for Rafa to buy. get Silva or Villa, first!

26 June 2009


  1. I've just watched the news about the passing away of Michael Jackson for an hour. I flip-flop between CNN and BBC. It is shocking and like many, I couldn't believe it the first time I read about it.

  2. I always refer myself to be raised in the Michael Jackson's era. His greatest album and one of the greatest in the world - Thriller released in 1982 with songs like Beat It, Billie Jean and Thriller really revolutionise the way we look at things and how we perceived the world. Correct me if I'm wrong, Michael won multi platinum Emmy Awards in 1984 which was shown in the Malaysian TV (I remember it because I was with my family expecting my elder sister's first daughter - my first niece in Miri, Sarawak).

  3. During school days, me and my buddy, Harith Harun (where the hell are you now, bro?) would sing `THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL' every time beautiful girls passes our class room (of course not during studying period). You know the words... the way you make me feel, you're really turned me on... And that's the only 2 lines that matters and it would be repeated over and over again until the girl left - with disguse!.

  4. In the 90s, when Michael toured Asia and performed in Bangkok, my brother passed me Michael's shirt which was a present from his gf then. I wore it nonchalantly, until he teased me of wearing an image of a child molester. Well, this is one peculiar segment in Michael's short life. I'm not even want to touch about he's supposedly conversion into Islam. Just let him be.

  5. I will remember Michael as a great artist, great performer who has brought magic into my generation. Rest In Peace, Jacko.

25 June 2009

Spain 0 - USA 2

  1. How in the world could a great Spanish team lost to a lowly American team? Amazing isn't it?
  2. I let you ponder about it. There were at least 5 Liverpool players in the Spanish squad. Funny.

23 June 2009


  1. LFC confirmed yesterday evening or at midnight Malaysian time that the club has successfully acquire the service of Glen Johnson. The club didn't mentioned anything on the web site but news reports claimed that it was £18million deal. Based on his performance in the Andorra match (albeit a lowly team like that...), I say Glen would be a good addition to the squad though it is speculated now that Alvaro Arbeloa would be sold to Real Madrid.

  2. Glen McLeod Cooper Johnson (born 23 August 1984) has won 15 caps for England. Now that is interesting because LFC has very small representatives in the England squad (Stevie G alone) after Carragher decided not to be bothered any more.

  3. Glen is not that high profile. However, he made news for himself in January 2007, when he received an £80 on-the-spot fine after he was caught with friend and fellow footballer Ben May attempting to steal a toilet seat and other bathroom fittings from a B&Q Warehouse store in Dartford, Kent, allegedly on a dare.

  4. In the same Sky Sports interview, he claimed that he and his friend were not trying to steal the toilet seat, but rather they had been undercharged by a mere four pounds and security deemed this to be theft. Instead of taking the matter to court, he claimed that it would be easier to just accept the small fine rather than fight out the matter.

  5. There is a lingering news about Xabi Alonso who is pursued by the Real Madrid. According to news reports, the crazy galaticos is preparing a £30million offer, up from £20million last week. hmmm.... this is something we really want to avoid. Losing a marvellous player like Alonso is bad business.

21 June 2009


But these two are. Dossena on Rafa's left is hoping to join Juventus next season. Go ahead. The player on Rafa's right is unknown. We heard him coming but never saw him playing at all. His injury was so acute that he treated LFC as a Liverpool Hospital, instead of a football club.

  1. The rumours pertaining to Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano still persist. In fact I consider it has reached a point where Rafa must act to quell those rumour mongering. He needs to show the world that Liverpool can match the other clubs in buying super-duper player.

  2. This is simply because people are thinking that Liverpool are in a dire straits and needed cash, thus making sense to sell their best players. This kind of mentality is not only degrading to the nature but only proves that what people thought of Liverpool are all based on misinformation sources.

  3. Certain observers have already dead sure that both valuable players won’t be in the squad next season and this will spell doom for Liverpool’s target to win the Premier League. As of now, I don’t believe any of the news involving those two, including a news claiming that Barca are offering £35 million to Liverpool to release Mascherano to them. I only believe it when it is announce officially in the Liverpool’s official web site : www.liverpoolfc.tv

  4. While we appreciate that players can be replaced if need be, but one thing you can't do is replicate that partnership and understanding that the two built up and held the club in such good stead. Unfortunately like any new players they will need time to gel and fit in with Rafa system.

  5. Though having said that, not all the players that Rafa brought to Anfield deserve to be here in the first place – you know, players like Dossena. He is a crap. He might have scored in one or two games and that’s it.

  6. We love to see if Rafa could bring in superstar like Torres to Anfield. Players with such calibre as Tevez, Davila Villa, David Silva and of course we know that Rafa doesn’t have that much war-chest to ensure those hopes to be materialise soon enough. There are fresh reports saying Tevez will go for big money in Man. City. And that he has more or less decided against the notion to join Liverpool.

  7. Same goes to David Villa. Depending to what press you’re reading – he is neither here nor there! And Valencia wanted to keep him after all. Hahaha....

  8. I say – let’s be patience because Rafa has proven to be a magnet to many players and he’ll excite us with one or two super players that we have wishes for so long. Of course don’t get mad if one of them could be Dossena in disguise!

18 June 2009


  1. You mugged a referee, you shout profanities at him on live telecast and you scared the hell out of him - but yet only get 4 + 2 ban in the European club level. I say this is so lenient, so soft and so audacious, brazen to the utmost!

  2. Drogba should have been banned for life. Same goes to Jose Bosingwa. And the best of all, that mother*$#@ker from Germany by the name Michael Ballack managed to escape the `supposedly-scrutiny' by UEFA. What a bullock!

  3. Drogba will miss the first four of Chelsea’s six group stage matches in the Champions League next season while Bosingwa will sit out half of them.

  4. Chelsea were fined 100,000 euros ($138,600) for the improper conduct of their players and the throwing of missiles by the Premier League club’s supporters at the end of the tie on May 6.

  5. UEFA said on its website (www.uefa.com) that the players and Chelsea had three days to appeal against the decision.

  6. Chelsea were knocked out in dramatic circumstances when Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta scored a crucial away goal in stoppage time, leading to a furious reaction from Chelsea players to Norwegian referee Tom Henning Ovrebo who waved away several penalty claims for the home side. Drogba harangued Ovrebo after the final whistle, screaming insults and then launched a foul-mouthed tirade towards a live television camera. Bosingwa later described the referee as “a thief” when talking to Portuguese television.

  7. Is this justice?

16 June 2009


  1. Four Brazilian players seen here exercising their ritual of offering their left hands to the bald man in black... something they learn from the Pharaoh era : worshipped me and yer shall get a penalty kick?

  2. I watched the game up to where the scoreline 2-1 when I decided sleeping is better than staying up. Surely this morning when I checked upon the final scoreline, it was amazing. Egypt really live up to his status as the African King. With the scoreline 3-4 and lost eventually to a last minute penalty kick (and a controversial one!), Egypt really surprised every one.

  3. For that matter, I'm sure lots of people are standing up to watch Mohd Zidan. Similarly, this fella live up to his name. He scored twice last night! Wow!... But don't get excited or request for your respective team to go buy this fella. Remember Amr Zaki and Mido? They didn't really do well in England. And Mohamed Zidan is playing in the Bundesliga outfit, Borussia Dortmund. errr... let's just enjoy the game for now and leave the strategy to be discussed later. hahah

15 June 2009


  1. I have tried not to be bothered with what is happening in Perak, the coup d'├ętat , then counter coup, then courts judgement, then overruled by the other judge and it seems the state executive's issue will linger on and on and on... Pity to Perak people. The failure of the system is undermining their livelihood.

  2. Today, on the first day of his tenure as a Member of Parliament after winning the Bukit Gantang by-election seat recently, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin opted to use that moment to show his anger and determination to protest to the federal government. Immediately after he ended his oath swearing, he put on a scarf on his songkok that clearly shows words of protest. He demanded the Perak state assembly to be dissolved. He's action was supported by 6 other opposition MPs namely, Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham (DAP-Beruas), Nga Kor Ming (DAP-Taiping), Datuk Mahfuz Omar (PAS-Pokok Sena), Dr Hatta Ramali (PAS-Kuala Krai), Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad (PAS-Kuala Selangor) dan N Gobalakrishnan (PKR-Padang Serai).

  3. As I said earlier, I have tried my best to ignore all this nonsense political issues. When it is appear on the TV, I switch to HBO. When I saw in the paper, I just read the headlines. When I hear people discussing it, I just listen and allowed my mind to go elsewhere.

  4. To me, all this are stupid.

  5. I assume you know what is happening in Kamunting since last week. It wasn't reported that much in the mainstream media. I think it was for obvious reason, so the incident would be preferred to be mild down. When it involves Malay and Indian community, you better treat it with extra cautious. But what you read in the Internet is outrageous. I can deny it never happened like that. At least, the incident didn't get to the level of Kg Medan fiasco. Not yet, I hope.

  6. Well, I think the disturbances there is attributed to the failure of the political system. I can tell you it was a merely stupid kampung gangster feud started with name callings by the youths at a cybercafe. Both sides think they are stronger than each other and the stupid incident escalated to a use of parang. Then the police came in, then we heard the other group called for `an assistant' from their families even up to Negeri Sembilan. That forced the police to put up a road block to all the main entrance to Taiping. Any car with peculiar characters were stopped and searched. Luckily, we still have a strong police force to maintain the peace and order. I know what happened there, I was in Kamunting last week - in fact very much in the midst of the situation.

  7. I didn't go there to cover the event. Hell no. It's my in-laws hometown. Apparently the incident occurred on Monday. I arrived on Tuesday. That evening, together with one fellow media man who also a neighbour to my in-law, Munir (an editor) of Harian Metro - we had a teh tarik at the Kamunting bus station. We were catching up the old times. Though we work in KL but we only managed to speak through phones and hardly able to meet. During the course of our `nonchalant' conversation, we observe a very strong police presence, not seen since the last by-election (hahaha...). There were patrol cars - deliberately switch on its lights, policeman on a bike (many many of them), then the romantic-unmarked van doing it routinely twice circling in front of the kedai mamak where a group of Malay chaps were staring back at them... The road blocks were still there when I left on Friday.

  8. My point here is : if there is a strong government in the state of Perak, such stupid youth feud won't escalated to this level. There is a BN government now but you can't say it a strong one. And the same goes to Pakatan Rakyat when they held the helm. Nizar didn't know how to balance his act. When he try to pacify the non-Malays, he's action was (and still is) considered as a traitor. Thus the political chaos in Perak. Nizar is a very adamant politician. He dare to go against the Sultan, he dare to show his contempt to the Dewan Rakyat. This is what our politician has become today. Power is everything.

  9. When I finish with this babbling of words, I shall again... switch off the TV when the Perak fiasco appear, look away when the news printed in the papers.

  10. I just want to live and enjoy my life and don't want to get entangled with all this nonsense. Free me!

14 June 2009


The title above is not mine. I deliberately pasted it from one of UK silly newspaper, The Daily Express who published a story written by John Richardson today.

Read below the extract (read it as if you're reading a funny page):

SIR ALEX FERGUSON is planning an audacious raid on Liverpool for Kop striking hero Fernando Torres.

Armed with the £80 million windfall from Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid, the Manchester United boss is determined to make his own impact in a transfer market which is becoming bloated with money from the big clubs.

Liverpool hitman Torres is the shock target, as Sir Alex knows that a bid of around £40m would have to be seriously considered by United’s title rivals who have severe cash problems.

If Ferguson could pull off the coup, it would be a slap in the face for Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez, who was involved in a war of words with the Scot during the second half of the season.

Liverpool, who paid £20m to bring Torres from Atletico Madrid, would fight tooth and nail to hang on to the Spaniard but a British transfer record offer would give the Anfield boardroom serious food for thought.

In the meantime, Ferguson will pursue what could turn out to be more realistic targets – Lyon’s French striker Karim Benzema, Barcelona’s Samuel Eto’o, Atletico Madrid’s Sergio Aguero, Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery and Valencia’s David Silva.

Now, you see how stupid this story is?

Firstly, Sir Alex set a very huge example when he blocked the sale of Heinze a couple of seasons ago. And now you want to believe Rafa won't mind to sale one of his player - one who is a very important player to be exact. See how stupid the UK editors can be when they allow such a stupid writer to write such a stupid report. Stupid.

No. 2 : With the departure of Rick Parry, the club CEO who will be resigning from his odd-post by the end of the month, it is a clear proof that Rafa has won his demand that he will be given a more significant say in selling or buying players. It's not the board who has the only say. It's now in Rafa's hands. Stupid.

No.3 : To put £40m bid is not audacious but a straight forward insult. There's no way Torres could be priced that low. He is at least £60m. After all, aside from scoring 20 goals per season, he is free of controversy, unlike one Portuguese player that you and I know. Again, stupid.

Since it is so stupid, why did I bother to comment on it? Naaa... I just want to show you guys how stupid the football writers in UK can be - in particular those who are anti-Liverpool.

I rest my case.


1. Real Madrid are like crazy seeking for Xabi Alonso's signature. Keep him Rafa... Keep him.

2. Barcelona is hoping to built some Argentine nucleus in Nou Camp. Keep on hoping there.

3. And Barca thought Benayoun could be one of their Argentine army... yeah right. But Real Madrid and Barcelona are welcome to buy these players below :

4. Standing on the right of Rafa is Dossena. Go get him. While the left player is totally unknown to Liverpool fans. Never seen him. And this Brazilian player below, is not so famous with the fans too. Ups for grab for 1 million pound plus the right to grow long hair...

13 June 2009


Life must be glittering for a super player to become a member of LFC squad...?

  1. WHEN Robbie Keane was resold back to Hotspur, the heated debate then was the non-existence of Robbie's replacement to assist the team when ever Torres or Gerrard was not available. And Rafa claimed that if not for Torres and Gerrard missing many matches, LFC could have strike the 19th title. Well, it was then. Now, it's shopping season.

  2. However, the same old story come about. LFC is facing a massive debt and if the stupid americans failed to do something, LFC could be doing Leeds United real soon. Well, that's what the UK newspapers said. The fact is that the two clowns and very much former President Bush's cronies, doesn't have the heart to bring any value-added items to the club.

  3. This is one mistakes that Rick Parry will have to live with for the rest of his life. Parry's wrong decision made us what we are today. We're not sorry that Parry is leaving. We could have been better with the Dubai entity but Parry must have this Anti-Arabs in him to reject them at the very last minute. Screwed you!

  4. For all the speculations and rumours involving Liverpool, it is a bit sad that not much of a star player are link to the club as yet. With the exception of Glen Johnson (of Pompey) who convinced me a bit with his good display in the England shirt, it looks like Rafa would have to do the obvious way. Sell first then can only buy. And when you're in this situation, it's not really an advantage. Seriously.

  5. Will we be looking at the excitement similar to when we first brought in Torres last 2 seasons? Or flattered ourselves with the 2nd tier players whom we could afford only on a bargaining basis? Lets see the next few weeks. But don't believe the news report, not until it is confirmed by the club. Trust me, by relying on the official statement, your heart and your mind won't go awry.

12 June 2009

£80m Ronaldo : We hold on to Torres

The day when he showed how pissed-off he was when Ferguson substituted him, we know... it's official. Ronaldo would be leaving, without a shred of guilt nor sorrow.

  1. I have just returned from Fort Cornwallis. Yeah. Sounds so grand ya? It's an old fort built by the British colonialist in Penang led by one Francis Light. Well, it's a school holiday. That's where I brought my daughters, as opposed to Padang Besar. The hot weather at the north, help my decision to cut short my journey only up to Penang this time.

  2. So for the last 5 days, I didn't really read newspapers, didn't open the Internet at all and hardly watch the TV even. But because of the hot humid weather, I found myself in the new Taiping Central's cineplex - watching Terminator Salvation. Kira ok lah. It has been quite sometime for me to be in the cineplex. I had to ask the usher what's the big no.7 on the ticket which he explained nicely, that's the theater that I must head into. hahaha... sorry...

  3. So today the big news in the world is the done deal between Mengyu and Read Madreed to trade Ronaldo for £80m. wow...

  4. I guess the first reaction from me would be - yipeeee.... admittedly, Ronaldo's performance was the main reason why Mengyu managed to eclipse us by 4 points. Now that he is gone, Mengyu doesn't have that special weapon anymore ... or at least til they utilise the war chest that is now easily amounting to more than £100m now. This mean they can buy anyone that they fancy and as a global brand - that shouldn't be a problem to attract players.

  5. Again, the replacement would not be as good as Ronaldo, I supposed. He has it all. He is freaking good player. He can score with all components that are allowed - head, left foot and right foot. He also knows how to fool the ref. He has the look. Freaking way too many models and socialites has propped up in the UK newspaper claiming they have slept with him. Nothing to envy. Just sharing the info. And now he won't be a problem in the English League, at least until the Champions Cup started. Even then, Liverpool knows how to stop him.

  6. And the best part of all, the Malaysian Mengyu fans are wasting their money for the friendly game next month as Ronaldo will be showing off his skill with the Spanish fans instead. hehehe

  7. However, what about our on front? I'm sure you guys noticed that the only juicy story connecting us to the transfer market is how Barcelona is trying its best to lure two of our most valuable players - Mascherano and Benayoun. Both have reaffirmed their commitment to the club and that's it. But what about players coming in? So we won't get David Villa, as he look so near to join Ronaldo at Real. What about David Silva? Too expensive? C'mon... There's a report linking Saviola and LFC for £5m. hmmm.... hardly the type that would raise an eyebrow. He is the past generation of Argentinian good players.

  8. I don't know. I hope it's just a speculation.

07 June 2009


The Prime Minister of Thailand (blue tie) and a politician-dreamer-to-be (red tie) in Bangkok, 6 June 2009.

  1. CLEARLY, it has been a rather solitary week when the season is closed. There are many stories about the players going in, wanted out, wanted in. As far as we - the intelligent fans care, those news are still in the `speculation' mode. So I shall not be bothered. I admitted that I was a bit furious to read that Alonso was supposedly agreed to join Madrid - in a swap deal for Heinze to go to the Reds. Then Rafa came out with an official statement denying it. And that's where I told myself - I shall not read those stories anymore unless it is officially announced in the liverpoolfc.tv. Because you see, you read those lines and it plays with your mind and emotions, then suddenly it was rubbished by the club. Isn't that a waste of time? Bugger that sort of journalism.

  2. On Friday, I flew to Bangkok on a rather abruptly-hastily arranged official work by my office. And I returned at midnight last night. It was like touch & go thing. I had to joint an interview session with Thai's PM, along with 3 other Malaysian media organisations. (By the way, my photo with the crew and Mr Abhisit is in Mingguan Malaysia today and I wore red tie).

  3. Now, what I want to tell you... I think it is better for us to travel only to Singapore. I think it is more prudent and civilised to do so. I got klentong by the taxi drive left & right, and I am really fed-up. As soon as I landed at the airport, I went to the nearest taxi counter. I had a shocked of my life when the vehicle stop in front of me... a 7 Series ! oh my God! Yes, I was a bit dumb in allowing myself to be conned to use that service. And I had to pay 2500 bath (RM260) while the journey shouldn't be more than 70 bath. But I get to ride the 7 Series, though in Malaysia I do get to drive it from time to time for test-drive sessions (but never been chauffeured-driven hahaha).

  4. My point is : the tendency to pauw pelancong is as high as in Malaysia (at least we have the taxi meters and the rogue drivers would resort to longer route) but in Thailand, before coming into the cab- he said 60 bath, when we arrived, he asked for 100 bath. Kurang asam betul !

  5. So frustrated with my recent experience, now I am cancelling my plans to watch LFC in Bangkok. Just enjoy the game in Singapore. At least that state-country, every body is a bit cautious to tipu the pelancong. hmmmm....



The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish

The GOLDEN Team of Kenny Daglish
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