07 June 2009


The Prime Minister of Thailand (blue tie) and a politician-dreamer-to-be (red tie) in Bangkok, 6 June 2009.

  1. CLEARLY, it has been a rather solitary week when the season is closed. There are many stories about the players going in, wanted out, wanted in. As far as we - the intelligent fans care, those news are still in the `speculation' mode. So I shall not be bothered. I admitted that I was a bit furious to read that Alonso was supposedly agreed to join Madrid - in a swap deal for Heinze to go to the Reds. Then Rafa came out with an official statement denying it. And that's where I told myself - I shall not read those stories anymore unless it is officially announced in the liverpoolfc.tv. Because you see, you read those lines and it plays with your mind and emotions, then suddenly it was rubbished by the club. Isn't that a waste of time? Bugger that sort of journalism.

  2. On Friday, I flew to Bangkok on a rather abruptly-hastily arranged official work by my office. And I returned at midnight last night. It was like touch & go thing. I had to joint an interview session with Thai's PM, along with 3 other Malaysian media organisations. (By the way, my photo with the crew and Mr Abhisit is in Mingguan Malaysia today and I wore red tie).

  3. Now, what I want to tell you... I think it is better for us to travel only to Singapore. I think it is more prudent and civilised to do so. I got klentong by the taxi drive left & right, and I am really fed-up. As soon as I landed at the airport, I went to the nearest taxi counter. I had a shocked of my life when the vehicle stop in front of me... a 7 Series ! oh my God! Yes, I was a bit dumb in allowing myself to be conned to use that service. And I had to pay 2500 bath (RM260) while the journey shouldn't be more than 70 bath. But I get to ride the 7 Series, though in Malaysia I do get to drive it from time to time for test-drive sessions (but never been chauffeured-driven hahaha).

  4. My point is : the tendency to pauw pelancong is as high as in Malaysia (at least we have the taxi meters and the rogue drivers would resort to longer route) but in Thailand, before coming into the cab- he said 60 bath, when we arrived, he asked for 100 bath. Kurang asam betul !

  5. So frustrated with my recent experience, now I am cancelling my plans to watch LFC in Bangkok. Just enjoy the game in Singapore. At least that state-country, every body is a bit cautious to tipu the pelancong. hmmmm....

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z i z o u said...

bro u sd convce abishek or abishit
to buy Toons.
im fancy of LFC but truly n deply hate ur company, sory 4 that.
hope ur x politic writer in UM.




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