21 June 2009


But these two are. Dossena on Rafa's left is hoping to join Juventus next season. Go ahead. The player on Rafa's right is unknown. We heard him coming but never saw him playing at all. His injury was so acute that he treated LFC as a Liverpool Hospital, instead of a football club.

  1. The rumours pertaining to Xabi Alonso and Javier Mascherano still persist. In fact I consider it has reached a point where Rafa must act to quell those rumour mongering. He needs to show the world that Liverpool can match the other clubs in buying super-duper player.

  2. This is simply because people are thinking that Liverpool are in a dire straits and needed cash, thus making sense to sell their best players. This kind of mentality is not only degrading to the nature but only proves that what people thought of Liverpool are all based on misinformation sources.

  3. Certain observers have already dead sure that both valuable players won’t be in the squad next season and this will spell doom for Liverpool’s target to win the Premier League. As of now, I don’t believe any of the news involving those two, including a news claiming that Barca are offering £35 million to Liverpool to release Mascherano to them. I only believe it when it is announce officially in the Liverpool’s official web site : www.liverpoolfc.tv

  4. While we appreciate that players can be replaced if need be, but one thing you can't do is replicate that partnership and understanding that the two built up and held the club in such good stead. Unfortunately like any new players they will need time to gel and fit in with Rafa system.

  5. Though having said that, not all the players that Rafa brought to Anfield deserve to be here in the first place – you know, players like Dossena. He is a crap. He might have scored in one or two games and that’s it.

  6. We love to see if Rafa could bring in superstar like Torres to Anfield. Players with such calibre as Tevez, Davila Villa, David Silva and of course we know that Rafa doesn’t have that much war-chest to ensure those hopes to be materialise soon enough. There are fresh reports saying Tevez will go for big money in Man. City. And that he has more or less decided against the notion to join Liverpool.

  7. Same goes to David Villa. Depending to what press you’re reading – he is neither here nor there! And Valencia wanted to keep him after all. Hahaha....

  8. I say – let’s be patience because Rafa has proven to be a magnet to many players and he’ll excite us with one or two super players that we have wishes for so long. Of course don’t get mad if one of them could be Dossena in disguise!

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