13 June 2009


Life must be glittering for a super player to become a member of LFC squad...?

  1. WHEN Robbie Keane was resold back to Hotspur, the heated debate then was the non-existence of Robbie's replacement to assist the team when ever Torres or Gerrard was not available. And Rafa claimed that if not for Torres and Gerrard missing many matches, LFC could have strike the 19th title. Well, it was then. Now, it's shopping season.

  2. However, the same old story come about. LFC is facing a massive debt and if the stupid americans failed to do something, LFC could be doing Leeds United real soon. Well, that's what the UK newspapers said. The fact is that the two clowns and very much former President Bush's cronies, doesn't have the heart to bring any value-added items to the club.

  3. This is one mistakes that Rick Parry will have to live with for the rest of his life. Parry's wrong decision made us what we are today. We're not sorry that Parry is leaving. We could have been better with the Dubai entity but Parry must have this Anti-Arabs in him to reject them at the very last minute. Screwed you!

  4. For all the speculations and rumours involving Liverpool, it is a bit sad that not much of a star player are link to the club as yet. With the exception of Glen Johnson (of Pompey) who convinced me a bit with his good display in the England shirt, it looks like Rafa would have to do the obvious way. Sell first then can only buy. And when you're in this situation, it's not really an advantage. Seriously.

  5. Will we be looking at the excitement similar to when we first brought in Torres last 2 seasons? Or flattered ourselves with the 2nd tier players whom we could afford only on a bargaining basis? Lets see the next few weeks. But don't believe the news report, not until it is confirmed by the club. Trust me, by relying on the official statement, your heart and your mind won't go awry.

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