14 June 2009


The title above is not mine. I deliberately pasted it from one of UK silly newspaper, The Daily Express who published a story written by John Richardson today.

Read below the extract (read it as if you're reading a funny page):

SIR ALEX FERGUSON is planning an audacious raid on Liverpool for Kop striking hero Fernando Torres.

Armed with the £80 million windfall from Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid, the Manchester United boss is determined to make his own impact in a transfer market which is becoming bloated with money from the big clubs.

Liverpool hitman Torres is the shock target, as Sir Alex knows that a bid of around £40m would have to be seriously considered by United’s title rivals who have severe cash problems.

If Ferguson could pull off the coup, it would be a slap in the face for Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez, who was involved in a war of words with the Scot during the second half of the season.

Liverpool, who paid £20m to bring Torres from Atletico Madrid, would fight tooth and nail to hang on to the Spaniard but a British transfer record offer would give the Anfield boardroom serious food for thought.

In the meantime, Ferguson will pursue what could turn out to be more realistic targets – Lyon’s French striker Karim Benzema, Barcelona’s Samuel Eto’o, Atletico Madrid’s Sergio Aguero, Bayern Munich’s Franck Ribery and Valencia’s David Silva.

Now, you see how stupid this story is?

Firstly, Sir Alex set a very huge example when he blocked the sale of Heinze a couple of seasons ago. And now you want to believe Rafa won't mind to sale one of his player - one who is a very important player to be exact. See how stupid the UK editors can be when they allow such a stupid writer to write such a stupid report. Stupid.

No. 2 : With the departure of Rick Parry, the club CEO who will be resigning from his odd-post by the end of the month, it is a clear proof that Rafa has won his demand that he will be given a more significant say in selling or buying players. It's not the board who has the only say. It's now in Rafa's hands. Stupid.

No.3 : To put £40m bid is not audacious but a straight forward insult. There's no way Torres could be priced that low. He is at least £60m. After all, aside from scoring 20 goals per season, he is free of controversy, unlike one Portuguese player that you and I know. Again, stupid.

Since it is so stupid, why did I bother to comment on it? Naaa... I just want to show you guys how stupid the football writers in UK can be - in particular those who are anti-Liverpool.

I rest my case.

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