12 June 2009

£80m Ronaldo : We hold on to Torres

The day when he showed how pissed-off he was when Ferguson substituted him, we know... it's official. Ronaldo would be leaving, without a shred of guilt nor sorrow.

  1. I have just returned from Fort Cornwallis. Yeah. Sounds so grand ya? It's an old fort built by the British colonialist in Penang led by one Francis Light. Well, it's a school holiday. That's where I brought my daughters, as opposed to Padang Besar. The hot weather at the north, help my decision to cut short my journey only up to Penang this time.

  2. So for the last 5 days, I didn't really read newspapers, didn't open the Internet at all and hardly watch the TV even. But because of the hot humid weather, I found myself in the new Taiping Central's cineplex - watching Terminator Salvation. Kira ok lah. It has been quite sometime for me to be in the cineplex. I had to ask the usher what's the big no.7 on the ticket which he explained nicely, that's the theater that I must head into. hahaha... sorry...

  3. So today the big news in the world is the done deal between Mengyu and Read Madreed to trade Ronaldo for £80m. wow...

  4. I guess the first reaction from me would be - yipeeee.... admittedly, Ronaldo's performance was the main reason why Mengyu managed to eclipse us by 4 points. Now that he is gone, Mengyu doesn't have that special weapon anymore ... or at least til they utilise the war chest that is now easily amounting to more than £100m now. This mean they can buy anyone that they fancy and as a global brand - that shouldn't be a problem to attract players.

  5. Again, the replacement would not be as good as Ronaldo, I supposed. He has it all. He is freaking good player. He can score with all components that are allowed - head, left foot and right foot. He also knows how to fool the ref. He has the look. Freaking way too many models and socialites has propped up in the UK newspaper claiming they have slept with him. Nothing to envy. Just sharing the info. And now he won't be a problem in the English League, at least until the Champions Cup started. Even then, Liverpool knows how to stop him.

  6. And the best part of all, the Malaysian Mengyu fans are wasting their money for the friendly game next month as Ronaldo will be showing off his skill with the Spanish fans instead. hehehe

  7. However, what about our on front? I'm sure you guys noticed that the only juicy story connecting us to the transfer market is how Barcelona is trying its best to lure two of our most valuable players - Mascherano and Benayoun. Both have reaffirmed their commitment to the club and that's it. But what about players coming in? So we won't get David Villa, as he look so near to join Ronaldo at Real. What about David Silva? Too expensive? C'mon... There's a report linking Saviola and LFC for £5m. hmmm.... hardly the type that would raise an eyebrow. He is the past generation of Argentinian good players.

  8. I don't know. I hope it's just a speculation.

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