29 June 2009


Katlego Mphela scored a brilliant goal from a brilliantly taken free-kick outside the penalty box to force the game against Spain into extra-time.

  1. I didn't watch the final match between Brazil and USA. I opted to recover my energy by switching off the lights and snore to Ecstasy! hahaha... but I did watch Spain vs South Africa (well... in a way, because the only time that I managed to sit proper was the last 10 minutes of the extra time... I was in the office last night). But I saw all 5 goals, including Alonso's winning free kick.

  2. Now as a Kop fans, many of us would ponder and excite ourselves about Alonso's accurate kick. None of us would challenge that as he has prove it at the club level. And last night, that goal won his national squad a paltry 3rd place, under USA then Brazil. hmmm... USA...

  3. One South African player that impressed me was Katlego Mphela. Mphela's introduction changed that. He scored a goal in the 73rd minute, which looked like being enough until Spanish goals in the 88th and 89th minute looked to have stolen the match from the South Africans. Mphela then produced arguably the goal of the tournament with a free kick from 30 yards, which turned out to be the last action of the 90 mins, sending the game into extra time.

  4. So I search the net for Mphela. Who is he? First and foremost, I didn't see any known club affiliated with his name. It's because he is playing in the local league of South Africa with a club named Mamelodi Sundowns. Who knows after this, he might transfer to England with his good performance in the tournament. Even if it's going to be materialise, I doubt it would be Anfield. May be Goodison Park? It suited them small club better.

  5. This is really an impressive fact because Mphela is one of the many homegrown talent in South Africa that have proven that they can really challenge the other top teams, not only in the confederation cup but more importantly, next year's World Cup. I doubt if they would do South Korea or Japan that relies heavily on penalties to advance in the tournament. They played with exciting tactics and had a strong Brazilian samba's influence in the skills and one-touch capabilities. Ask the coach.

  6. I might be impressed but I won't recommend Mphela as yet for Rafa to buy. get Silva or Villa, first!

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