17 May 2009

WBA 0 - LFC 2 (what happened with Carra & Arbeloa?)

  1. Tonight could be one of the most uncomfortable football session for me. I had to do my work and at the same time watching the game. Luckily my graphic designer's desk is not too far from the offices tv and every few second my head would turn to the TV. The fun part was that no one bothers to disturb me. The Man.U fans in the office were too busy gloating that they couldn't give a sh*#... about me. It was literally me alone watching the game.

  2. I didn't missed the goals and I saw the escalation erupted between Carra and Arbeloa. No matter what Arbeloa could have done wrong, I feel Carra has over-reacted. C'mon Carra. It's the 2nd last game of the season. Give your friend a break. But don't break him!

  3. The funny part is when Alonso interfered. He pointed to his head. May be he scream to Carra to cool down and use his head... hmmm... luckily none conceded after that. I must say LFC was freaking lucky. WBA really played their hearts out tonight. Those facing demotion had to do that but they need more than luck to come out with something when facing THE BIG FOUR.

  4. Another thing, when Torres was substituted... I seems to have that deja vu... I had that edgy in me, afraid that Torres would do Ronaldo onto Rafa. Tantrum and stuff. He did show his displeasure of being called out but he squandered too many chances already. Well, he was marked by 2 twin towers. It's okay Fernando. You'll score in our last game... against Robbie Keane.


hidayahnazri said...

carra nk bagi reina dpt golden glove hehe

Khan said...

I felt Torres was not unhappy for being substituted, but because of the 'treatment' he received from the WBA players. He took quite a lot of knocks in the game while receiving no sympathy from the ref.



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