13 May 2009


Can you point to me which one is Sammy Lee?

  1. HOW old were you when Sammy Lee, along with the likes of Kenny Daglish, Gramme Sounnes, Ian Rush and so on conquering the world football? I was really small then. And as I have admitted before, my sense of football was a bit confused by the strong performances of Liverpool in the 80’s and the attraction of cool jersey wore by Tottenham Hotspur. I knew then Liverpool was the team to beat but the bad publicity of their hooligans followers put me off. And I was in awe with the likes of Ossie Ardilles, Steve Archibald and Glen Hoddle.

  2. Sammy Lee had a stint with Bolton Wanderers. And we do know now it’s just not his dish. Thus returning to his alma mater – Liverpool, seems to be mutually beneficial for Sammy and Liverpool. It’s so happened that Rafa lost his No.2 guy and do you realise during those times our result was dingdong, up and down? We could win the hardest expected games against top teams in Europe but got beaten by a lowly team the next week?

  3. As you can see, my point is that – one of the main reason for Liverpool’s changed of tactics and approaches to the game – could be well because of Lee’s influence as a head coach. The tactic and approaches that Liverpool are employing now is so similar with what Sammy’s and company had been doing effectively in the 80’s. He’s inputs could also assisted Rafa in determining on how and who to play.

  4. Football FanCast guest columnist Ray Jones wonders how significant the summer arrival of Sammy Lee has been in the upturn in Liverpool's fortunes this season. He wrote: Sammy is clearly having an effect on the proceedings and I just wonder whether the passion and desire of an ex legend in the dressing room is having a huge impact and helping Rafa motivate this team. There is no question that there is a renewed passion and an ‘all for one' spirit displayed in Liverpool performances this season - is it simply just coincidence that it has arrived since Lee's arrival, or is he just a factor among many that have seen us return to our rightful spot in challenging for the title? Rafa described him today as the ‘near perfect no.2' and it makes you wonder if his presence is making all the difference this season.

  5. During the era of Gerrard Houllier, where Owen and Heskey were the 2 lethal front-man, I recalled one game (but forgot which team) where it had to be delayed because there were some issues at the stadium’s front gate and majority of the fans were not in yet when it was almost the kick-off time. So Sammy came into the pitch, gathered all the players in a circle around him and started the warming-up. For a small guy, he does give some spectacles. Most of the players around him were tall and huge. Heskey is huge. Samy Hyppia is tall. But all of them adhere to his instruction and did the warm-up in such a systematic manner. It’s so happened the camera was focusing on them for awhile and actually lots of thing you can learn from Sammy. The No.1 coach then was Phil Thompson. So, I do agree with Ray Jones that having an ex legend as your No.1 coach, does gives you an extra edge to perform better.

  6. For this, I salute Sammy Lee for his tremendous input in assisting Rafa to bring out the best out of the squad.

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