27 February 2009

Boro vs LFC 11pm 28th Feb 2009

  1. OF COURSE, the echo from Bernabeu's triumph still blazing on our ears and our hearts. But we have to return to earth before tomorrow night (Malaysian time) because Middlesborough is the type of teams that we SHOULD crushed easily, after demolishing such a mighty Real Madrid.

  2. Some say it ain't over yet with Real. That's when you see it from CL mode of matches. You have to play home & away then the ones with most advantages can go to the next round. I prefer at this point, simply to cherish the valuable and shocking win at Bernabeu. The bastion of the Spanish giant. May be as big as Odd Dreadfort in Manure. This reminds me how we beat Barcelona when the bet was 100 to 1 Liverpool will be beaten. The same goes here. Everybody thought Raul will butcher us. It didn't happened. It won't happened in Anfield.

  3. Tomorrow night game is second top plays second bottom. Middlesbrough chase their first win in 15 Premier League games, against a Liverpool side on a 15 match unbeaten league sequence. Only Manchester United match that, but they have drawn just two games and picked up 41 points over that period, whereas the Reds have drawn eight, and picked up just 29 points.

  4. Both clubs were victorious on Wednesday night; Liverpool 0-1, away to Real Madrid in the Champions League, while 'Boro knocked West Ham out of the FA Cup with a 2-0 win at the Riverside. The Reds have won three times as many league games as their North-East opponents (15 to five); Middlesbrough have conceded twice as many Premier League goals as their Merseyside competitors (36 to 18).

  5. Liverpool are looking for three Premier League points on Teesside for the first time since a 1-2 victory on 16 March 2002, when Emile Heskey and John Arne Riise scored for the Reds, and Gareth Southgate replied for 'Boro.

  6. Boro surely has talented players, i.e Afonso Alves, Jeremie Aliadiere, Tuncay, Robert Huth. The only way they can steal a point against Liverpool is do the STOKE CITY. Parked the whole 10 players in front of the goal, and one man up front. But playing at home, Riverside... Boro have to attack. And this is where Liverpool perhaps, can take an advantage out of it.

  7. Not really sure who will be fielded, in particular those who were the first 11 in Madrid. Reports said that Torres is a doubter. There's no Robbie Keane. May be Babel again or David Ngog. I don't think Gerrard is fully fit so he won't be playing full time. At the back, may be Agger and Hyppia will be lined-up and in the middle, the famous Lucas Leiva is next as he played for a mere minutes in Madrid. I'm sure many of you will be anxious to see the Brazilian blonde play. hehehe....

  8. I do hope our brilliant Yossi will be given another start. He won't disappoint us.

source : BBC Sports


Khan said...

I think Torres is out for at least two games. And it seems that Benayoun is most effective in Gerrard's role behind a lone striker.

Tell me that I am wrong..I have always felt that some players are more comfortable whenever Gerrard is not playing. It is as if with Gerrard's presence on the pitch, some players are 'afraid' to make mistakes. Maybe it is the high standard that Gerrard sets for the other players. I recall in one game in which Benayoun scored, Gerrard was among the last persons to celebrate with the others. That was right after he got pissed off, in his body language, with Benayoun for errors.

I am seeing things I guess...

utusanLFC said...

you're seeing things... after losing sleep last Thursday... like me. hahaha

Khan said...

woohoo...! We are Number One in Europe! haha..!

utusanLFC said...

Yes I read the article. However, it doesn't give me that expected boost. There's nothing better than to kick Machester United ass and become the champion on May 2009.

tombiruo said...

Congratulations, Liverfool is third on the table. Liverfool will surely win the EPL title this season... heheheh.

Cannot wait for May to comment..wakaka... top club of europe... my foot.


Anonymous said...

Awww...must be the supporter of the team ranked only the 7th in europe. Probably will slide lower than 7th in May hahaha!

utusanLFC said...


You welcomed here and I accept the banters or teasers from you or anybody for that matter.

BUT please refrain from using such language in my blog - ``My foot'' or what ever is not nice. Consider this as a friendly reminder.



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