24 February 2009


  1. We had about 3 hours to shop yesterday before going to the Phuket International Airport. Funny, one of the places that we decided not to miss was the shopping mall. A colleague from TV3 quipped that why go there when we have so many in KL? My answer is sometimes, you want to find branded items. I don't want to divulge that the branded items I am looking for is the adidas boutique. And we found one at Central Shopping Mall. Quite big. May be the same size with the old wing of 1 Utama. There were many sports boutique, including the supposedly-bankrupt Manure's shop, well at least in Thai it seems fine.

  2. And I bought the t-shirt (above photo) showing a Foosball motives and a certain player wearing no.5. It costs me 1,190 bath (approximately RM118). A bit pricey than over here. But I want to have something to remember about my trip to Phuket. Don't expect me to wear those PHUKET logos on my T. Just not really that kind of a guy! hahaha...

  3. Based on my quick survey, the jersey is slightly cheap (I'm referring to the licenced items. sold in the adidas boutique). May be because it is made locally in Thailand. Unlike ours which are imported from China/ Hong Kong. The price is 2590 bath (RM258) as compared to al-ihsan or adidas that close to RM300. No I didn't bought one because I have the Padang Besar version.

  4. So Khan, you see... I didn't get you any because it is simply more economical if we get the Padang Besar version. It is RM25 only. Nobody would care if you're wearing ori or not. In my case, jersey I go for Padang Besar. T-shirts I go for the ori. Because I can wear that a bit longer, without fear about the sponsors issue on my chest and it won't get out-dated, fashionably speaking.

This is the back. Guess, who is the No.5 the picture is depicting?

Dark hair... hmmm it could be Alonso... Reina? Benayoun ...

At the tip of the shirt, just to ensure you that this T-shirt is not meant to be tucked-in.

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Khan said...

It is okay :-)



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