18 February 2009


The high performance nature of this vehicle continues on the outside with a newly designed front bumper that gives the Neo a lower and more aggressive stance.

I can't remember it clearly, but it was my girlfriend's then (now she's my wife laaa...) owns the 1st generation of Proton Satria 1.3 liter. The different then was the plate number was situated on the rear bumper (very much Mitsubishi Mirage) before it was changed to the boot area. My brother-in-law souped-up the car in Ipoh with all the front bumper look like a viper, plus the side-skirting and rear top spoiler. After wear and tear (actually one motorcycle hit the left door at Kampung Baru) then the front bumper's clip fell-off after a knock, I eventually replace the front bumper to a normal one. Then only I realised, I stopped getting those stares ... be it from the motorist alike and most importantly, those authorities in white and blue.

We sold the Satria in 2002 and replaced it with Waja before I got rid of it in 2008 for Isuzu D-Max. Way, way off from the normal Proton lineage. Well, I wanted an MPV. Proton didn’t have any up til now. We know the name for Proton MPV is Exora. We saw the photo of it on the front page of Utusan on 28 Jan 2009. It would be a good investment. The price I was told is RM75,800 for the hi-line and RM70,800 for the M-line. I supposed Exora would be launch in April, when the new Prime Minister comes in. But lets get back to Satria Neo CPS.

Last Friday the 13th, I attended the launched of the facelifted Satria Neo which is fitted now with its new engine Campro CPS. The launch gambit was fun. All the motoring journo were given a chance to try it out on the small parking space at Subang's APAC. It was a darned hot afternoon but because it is a job (and the article will be out in Utusan Malaysia this Saturday), I have to brave the weather.

The Proton Satria is arguably the best known model Proton has ever made, thanks in part to the iconic Satria 1.8 Gti. With the Proton Satria Neo CPS, Proton hopes to rekindle the spirit of performance that the Gti provided to many performance driving enthusiasts.

This new Satria Neo CPS will run the latest engine in the Proton line-up, the 1.6 litre Campro CPS. This engine utilizes two ingenious technologies, CPS (Cam Profile Switching) and VIM (Variable Intake Manifold technology), to give higher power outputs and rapid response, whilst maintaining a fuel efficient delivery.

According to Proton, these two technologies give the best of both worlds by combining the characteristics of two different engines in one compact package. The usual reduction in torque caused by high-lift cams is offset by the long intake runner, whilst the short runner works by helping the engine generate more power at higher speeds.

All this technology translates to 120PS at 6,500 rpm, and 150Nm at 4500 rpm, giving the Satria Neo CPS, one of the most powerful engines in its segment. This power increase doesn’t come at the expense of the environment as this new engine meets the latest European emission regulations.

Awesome backpage of Satria Neo... the rear top wing is soooo... awesome!

On the inside, the Satria Neo CPS features a Lotus Motorsport inspired minimalist Interior Design now enhanced with a sporty red and black leather upholstery and door inserts. The interior finishing is further enhanced by a new leather wrapped steering wheel and gear knob.

The built-in dash mounted Blaupunkt CD Radio player can also handle MP3 music, which is perfect for entertaining the driver and passengers played through a 4 speaker stereo system.

Automatic transmision. Look at the design.

Manual transmision. I prefer the auto version knob.

Leather all-around the steering, giving the grip more fulfilling handling.

Since it is a standard feature now in the CPS, you guys Mat Motor don't have to fork out money to replace your office seat.

Inside those Gti inspired flared arches sit low profile continental tyres on new 16” rims specially designed for the Satria Neo CPS.

Like its famous predecessor, the Satria Gti, the Satria Neo CPS proudly features that now familiar Lotus tuned ride and handling package that makes for an exciting yet safe drive for the driving enthusiast.

All round disc brakes with ABS(Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD(Electronic Brake Distribution) ensure all that performance can be reined in safely when the need arises. Twin airbags and front seat belt pre-tensioners are also standard with a 3 way collapsible steering column providing greater occupant safety. Everything is packaged within a sturdy body with liberal use of high-tensile steel for increase body rigidity and structural crashworthiness. The Satria Neo CPS meets all European Safety standards.

The Satria Neo CPS is priced at RM57,800(OTR) for manual transmission and RM60,800(OTR) for the automatic transmission and comes in two handsome colours, solid white and tranquility black.


ok... nobody got flip-off... I did a decent 29 seconds... average is 20 seconds. hahaha....


uNCLe Joe said...

I was planing to have one in 2007 but i bought SGTi at last. someone said Neo GTi was planned and tested with Audi TT's engine... but chasis cannot stand the power of the engine...
is it true?

utusanLFC said...

Don't know laa. One thing for sure, it has some Lotus DNA within. So it makes Gti a bit better la.

As for your earlier question : with RM80K, I suggest you book now for the Exora.

If not, you try Livina or Avanza 1.5.

uNCLe Joe said...

a fella in SGTi offical website said - NEO has better handling than SGTi. I never drove Neo in track but only my standard SGTi in SIC last year on SIC open track day.

The 80k car is for my friend who already tired with Proton car. When will u test drive Exora?

kajang-today said...

kereta ni sesuai utk gefren kita je. rasanya utk kita2 ni tak sesuai sgt sbb stereng sangkut perut.

uNCLe Joe said...

i'm still young and kicking...

kajang-today said...

uncle joe,
hehehe then better change ur profile pic bro,
seems to me your profile picture doesnt fit your supposed profile of a young stallion, alive and kicking etc...
that pic is suitable only for pemilihan pemuda UMNO/PKR/PAS/DAP blabla.
I stand corrected though.

uNCLe Joe said...

boroi pon, still bole berlari nih...
esok kena main ragbi utk team Petronas nampaknye
tak cukop player...

he he he



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