21 December 2009

Take a poke at Aquilani... Gary Lineker

You know Gary Lineker? yeah... the poster boy of the 1980's era. He wrote in the Daily Sport:

``...Alberto Aquilani cost more than Defoe - but you wouldn't have realised it from his appearances this season. At a reported £20m, he's got to be the worst buy. He was meant to replace Alonso but spent the first three months injured and hasn't been pushed into the team by Rafa Benitez now that he is fit. It suggests the Liverpool boss is not confident about his ability to fit into the English game.''

Continue reading the questionaire below:

a) Do you agree with his assestment? Why?

b) Three months injured, was it obvious or simply stupid decision to buy such a crock player?

c) Do you believe Aquilani will eventually emerged as the 1st choice midfielder that we really crave at the moment?

d) How many of you believe that Aquilani won't stay longer than a year in Anfield?

e) With £20m, who do you think Rafa could have bought, aside than Aquilani?


Anonymous said...

Gary Lineker was named the 1981 world best player from Spurs and now the best BBC Sport match of the day pundit with at least near 99% accuracy n observant in analysis.

yeap he also is the famous face of Mr crisp's walker! :)

Johardy Ibrahim said...

The anonymous is getting too many spaces here... I should restrict the anonymous from flooding my blog



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