27 October 2009


  1. We have every right to celebrate. We have every right to shout. We have every right to mock them. Because a win is a win. No matter how Sir Alex Ferguson cursed the referee for not giving any penalties for the tough-cracking tackles made by Carra. Or that Carra should have been booked for stopping the Judas. Who cares! The goals were legitimate. The goals were correct. It wasn't a mere luck. It was Liverpool at his best. Especially when confronting the arch-enemy in Manchester United. We won it out right! Yeah...!!!!

  2. The concerned now would be can we sustained the momentum? Can we see the consistency? That means we have to beat Arsenal this Thursday early morning (Malaysian time). And for that, we must calm down and set our foot back to the ground, back to reality and put aside the partying for a moment.

  3. This doesn't mean we should leave the fact that we have just beaten the so-called mighty Red Devil but it would be an act of maturity in all of us - Liverpool fans. We do and should cherish the win against Man.U but it was only one game in a season. (Though some would say, we can lose 4 games but nothing compares when you beat Man.U). There's still massive games awaits us in coming months and a very soon crunch game against those young kids of Arsenal a day after tomorrow.

  4. Should we be worried? We're not invisible at all. We lost to Sunderland. We lost to the beach ball...! We have lost 4 games on the trot. Thus ensuring all of us to be realistic and down to earth when talking about our beloved club. Do not try to be loud and arrogant like those Man.U or slickly like Chelsea. Maintain our composure and the right attitude for Liverpool is simply to hold on to the fact that we have beaten Man.U. And on the same breath, we shouldn't be talking aloud about title-chase. It is alive, rejuvenated or whatever, but it's still a long shot. The only certainty would be from the team itself. If they maintain the style of hard work and aggressiveness like in the Man.U game, even Real Madrid we can do harm. But if we play like we did in the previous games of losses... well, say sayonara to the title chase.

  5. I have been bombarding the Facebook with all sorts of pictures & writing mocking the Man.U defeats. Above is one of the photos that I took without permission from the FB. Feel free to cut & paste it, and slot it into your own domain. After all, we hold the rights to belittling them. hahaha.... PUAS HATI AKU!

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Yadayada said...

hahaha, same here bro...
I've been tormenting every Man Utd fans that I know!!!
my classmates...
and i'm going down to play futsal later in a liverpool jersey...

but even if liverpool lost last nite, i would still walk in a liverpool shirt...

but as for now, the winner have the bragging right!!!!!



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