20 October 2009

as if we're watching a horror movie...

If you don't know who this is.... introducing the father of wolverine...

  1. Horror movie has never in my list of favourites. I don't like to be scared, I hate the background music, even though there must be the sexiest lady that would be killed first. Still... I hate it. And are we watching the horror movie of Anfield? We saw the magical beach ball that were allowed to be one of Sunderland tools to win the match. Wasn't that an important element in any horror movie? Who was the crazy witch? The ref, of course.

  2. Three losses back to back starting with Chelsea, Fiorentina and Sunderland, made us uncomfortable on out chair. Some even calling for Rafa's head. Some demonised Rafa's range of selection. Jay Spearing should be OK to start against Sunderland (after all this is not top 10 team, so we thought...).

  3. At this point of time, Liverpool has never come to a match with such nervousness and lack of confidence. I'm referring to the players and the fans alike. I try not shed my fear and I want something beautiful to happened in the tomorrow morning's match (Malaysian time) against Lyon.

  4. The built-up news is not encouraging. Only Gerrard could be playing while Torres is reserved for Man.U crunch match next Sunday. Win the match against Lyon, all the torridness would be eased. Not much but somewhat crucial, before we meet those ManUre SOB.


Ayu KL said...

i feel sad watching liverpool play, this is not the liverpool we knew..remember, rafa said liverpol were 1 or 2 signings away from having a title winning team not so long ago..and before tonight's game what did he say?? this liverp0ol team is capable of winning trophies, including the premiership.,

Seriously, with the way we have been playing, do we look like one?? Should we put all the blame on the owners??? The writing is on the wall. The end is nigh for Rafa.

YNWA said...

Kalau kita kaji, banyak kenyataan-kenyataan akhbar atau interview oleh pemain-pemain Liverpool sejak dari musim lepas datangnya dari Carragher, Kuyt dan akhir-akhir ini Lucas. Steven Gerrard sebagai kapten jarang sangat memberi reaksi. Adakah ini petanda bahawa Gerard sebenarnya sudah tidak yakin dengan Rafa?



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