18 October 2009

AYU KL on the defeat of Liverpool by Sunderland

The most bizarre goal ever: But did the ref blunder in allowing the goal after Darren Bent's shot deflected off a beach ball?

  1. I hope Liverpool fans can see the truth without prejudice. True, rafa has won the Champions league with Liverpool and the FA cup as weell. But they were won basically with Houllier team plus both games were won through the lottery of penalties even though Liverpool were outclassed. Now, with Rafa's team, what has he won? Nothing. Period. I think rafa has reached the end of his career span at Liverpool, he's been given 5+ years. There are similarities with Houllier. The team has stagnated. His choice of players and buys are bizzare.

  2. There is a pattern that is for all to see when a manager makes bizzare choice or decision, the manager has run out of ideas and it's time to pack up things. I honestly believe that as long as rafa is at the helm, Liverpool will not claim the premiership. The owners are partly to blame but it is Rafa who runs the team and makes all the decision on the field.

  3. Please Rafa, stop finding excuses for every defeat or poor performance by Liverpool. Admit it that it is you who are hurting Liverpool. If Liverpool have the strength and are able to mount a challenge as you repeatedly claim to be, you do not need to rely on Gerard of Torres alone. Other players should be able to step in and normal service will resume. What's with this lack of fund? When you are given funds, you buy duds save for a few.

  4. Rafa has made a lot of blunders! but our blind faith in him has actually encouraged him to continue making blunders after blunders. We say enough is enough. Tell me, what is so good about Lucas??? or his team formation? We could have won the title last season but Rafa was a coward, against minnows he continuously persisted with one striker and played cautiosly where as we should go for the kill. He is too defensive-minded and not suited for the premiership.

  5. My loyalty to Liverpool remains but I have no faith in Rafa. The club is more important than an individual. Managers may come and go but the club remains. This is not a knee-jerk reaction after the loss against Sunderland but the truth...and the truth always hurts!

  6. This is what rafa has said in the past:

  • babel = new henry
  • lucas =new dunga
  • kuyt = new van nistolroy
  • skrtle=new vidic
  • johnson=new phil neal
  • vorronin=new ramario
  • ngog=new henryII

    i rest my case - AYU KL

DISCLAIMER : The article above is written by our guest writer (not ghost-writer) and all the opinion above is all his/hers and shall not be construed as belonging to the utusanlfc in one way or the other.


Johardy Ibrahim said...

Say laa.. if we get rid of Rafa. Who is the next best manager that could do miracle for Liverpool?

Sadly for me, I can think of only one crazy maniac - Mr Jose Mourinho.

Khan said...

Slanting rafa in a one-tunnel view like all the media is doing will not change anything.

Coming back from 3-0 to make it 3-3 is NOT being outclassed. And also using the same argument, fergiescum should have been sacked when he did not win anything for 7 years when he was rebuilding his team. And in those days it was only easier unlike now when so many teams spend like a gazillion to spruce up their team. heck, even Tottenham has spent more than us.

Which capable manager would want to come to LFC with those two jokers around? They are the ones who are hurting the team, not rafa. Thanks to rafa that we are still among the top 4.

Sorry to say that your case is flawed Ayu. Read this for starters:


Tomkins always put things in perspective, lucky that we have him to explain it.

mazhad said...

i agree wiz khan. houllier>i hate him. while rafa>i love him. i read paul tomkin column, n some of his book>dinasty. i love this blog. but this article. i'm not quite like it. buying players is rafa's job. buying wiz a tight budget is also his job. he cannot went sumwhere n take proven players. coz liverpool aren't economicly that great. rafa give me thrill to see liverpool play. we are the highest freeflowing football team in england right now(on our day). look at paul tomkin as he talk about net spending. he has not spend to much as he always trying to balance the cheque book. last but not least liverpool is not the top four back then. now we are there n about year in year out. thanks to rafa. in rafa we trust. n just look how many years does it take ferguson to win his 1st winners medal. mourinho> different case as he has 200millions to spend. i rest my case. YNWA.

ymn said...

in rafa we not trust any more ...

Jo-se Mour-IN-ho
Jo-se Mour-IN-ho
JO-se Mour-in-ho
JO-se Mour-in-ho

Anonymous said...

I do agreed with u Ayu KL on players selection.Rafa obsession with Lucas quite weird but I do think there light at the end of tunnel.
Although I strongly believed Rafa should be sacked but think rationally my Kops brotners and sister. Let wait until the end of the season before making any conclusion. Rafa not stupid.
Liverpool will always be forever the BEST club in the world.
Bob From Kuching

Yes Rafa selection quite suprising but

Ayu KL said...

Thanks to the owner of the blog that my comments about Rafa have been given prominence..Of course there are pros and cons about Rafa and there are pro and anti-rafa amongst LFC fans..

The days of a manager be given all the time in the world to win a title is long gone. Fergie and Wenger are the last managers to belong to this breed. I believe if Liverpool were to replace Rafa the job will go to Kenny Dalglish, as the caretaker manager, at least. Dalglish is a proven and highly successful manager, infact when Fergie was in limbo, Dalglish were already winning titles. The only drawback is that he's been out of the game for sometime and football isn't the way it used to be.

Please accept the fact that Liverpool were totally outclassed by AC Milan in the 2005 final, except for the crazy 6 minutes. The player spirit and the fear of capitulation carried them through.

I agree that our owners need to go, the sooner the better. But putting all the blame on the owners will not solve the problem. Granted they are leeches and are not fit to be our custodians. It seems that Rafa and the owners have a marriage of convenience, whereby they all try to hold on to each other. If rafa isn't happy with the way the owners treat him, he shouldn't have renewed his contract at the end of last season. He's had the opportunity to leave but sadly he decided to carry on. Now, you shouldn't forever blame the owners if your team isn't performing. The problem with Liverpool is that it has this "jekyll and hyde" personality, whereby the lack of consistency is the recurring theme. Rafa has bought a lot of young players but sadly very few of them have made the grade. Whose fault is that? They should be representing Liverpool at the age of 20-22 but sadly most of them are only fit to play in the reserves, only to be sold later on.

My comments are my personal view. I respect those who disagree with me. but ultimately our goal is to see LFC win the premiership and other cups. YNWA.

I respect

Johardy Ibrahim said...

Ayu KL,

Do not be disheartened. But take all the banters as a healthy result of your straight-to-the-point article.
This is an open discussion and all are welcome to view their opinion. I must say, all the pointers are been watch, read and monitored by a few sports-writer friends of mine, i.e to gauge the Liverpool fans sentiments. They may not quote any specific name (they never credit this blog even!) but let us be clear - all of us are matured enough to discuss, analyse and debate in an orderly manner and high-octane intelligent. That separate us from ordinary fans of other ordinary club. Aren't we?

So Ayu KL and the rest, feel free to write more. But leave the emotional and silly-jokes to me, alone! hahaha...

Johardy Ibrahim said...

and don't be shy if you feel more comfortable to write in Bahasa Malaysia.

and if you think your English is haywire... who cares! As long as we understand your the gist of the article... so be it.

And guys, please use the common style of writing. Don't use the SMS/ handphone lingo. I'm a bit old school... so be gentle la. hihihi...

Khan said...

Wow...even after, with so many obstacles, rafa producing the best results last season..highest haul of points..highest number of goals scored, which sadly was not enough to win the league, yet there are fans asking for his head to be chopped!!

No wonder some friends in Liverpool are laughing at the so-called post-Istanbul supporters.These are the fans that want quick success, or else. Sack the manager after five games like in Spain, better still I guess. But it is funny that the majority of LFC fans are behind rafa. Keep on wondering if you do not have a clue why it is so.

The owners have lied and lied so many times I have lost count. I respect rafa for many reasons, and one of it is his resilience. The more he gets screwed, the more he is hardheaded. That's why he is staying, apart from his family (especially wife)liking the life in Liverpool. How not to blame the owners when they keep on throwing the spanner into rafa's plans in building the team? As for buying players, well, fans can always do a research on how many duds other managers have bought. Yet their head did not roll that easily. Some had the support from their owners, while some kept their team afloat in the EPL. On the same note, how many players were actually bought by Rafa?

Imagine this: If the owners had given rafa 50M every season since they took over, LFC's debt would be lower than what it is now! These are the same cowboys that have lied about the stadium, about not putting LFC in debt, about giving 20M to rafa every season (another big lie), trying to sign up Klinsmann (gawd! he was a superb player but a manager?) and slanting rafa every chance they get.

Watch all the games again this season and see which players were actually performing worse than Lucas. I am not a fan of Lucas because I still believe he doesn't have the brains to dictate a game or get hold of the midfield to win us a tight game, but that is all we expect from him and he has delivered nicely so far this season. Try focusing on other underperforming players too and we might not slant him that much.

I have waited for 20 years for us to win the EPL, and I will wait another 20 if needed be. But I still have the hope that we will win it sooner, this season maybe. 7 points from the leaders is nothing. I bet if we beat the Mancs next week, all the kneejerkers will hail Rafa again.

Ayu KL said...

Its good if we beat MU next weekend but let it not be the highlight of our season. We need to perform and produce results CONSISTENTLY.Not play well one week and crap another week. The key word is CONSISTENCY, which we are not able to have.

Lets face it, no modern-day manager will be given his sweet own time to nurture a winning team. Time is simply a luxury not afforded to a football manager. Rafa used to say that he needed 5 years to form a winning team. Now the 5 years is up, he hasn't found a winning formula. So how much more time should we afford him?

Rafa is a manager who will forever blame others for his own shortcomings.

mazhad said...

dear khan, ayu n johardy. hmmm. yes we argue because we love liverpool. this rafa side have drawn attention from people. they said that it have similarities with the spice boys era. david james, steve mcmanaman, jason mcateers, jamie redknapp, robbie fowler. to name a few from back then. got all the talent in the world bur failed to materialized. i'm young. i admit i only supported liverpool since 96. but i've watch liverpool documentary, read facts, and watch their games. our knowledge might not be that defferent as we love this club. but our perspective is different. i can say rafa has what it takes to win the league as he done with valencia. maybe not in quick succession as the epl is harder than the la liga. but just give this guy a break. he has earn our respect. not force respect upon us. people said that he was outplayed in istanbul n fa cup final. but a win is a win. not a fluke one. we lost to sunderland but it already history(it's a lost ok!!!). now we must pick our self up for the next game n not mourn(like mourn-in-ho) as that is not the way of liverpool. YNWA.

aremierulez/Amirul said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
aremierulez/Amirul said...

jose mourinho is a big catch...

we will be a lucky lad if we can sign him as a manager...

but mourinho always said about his interest in managing MU.

so, how about steve bruce? he's a good manager and only manage a small club...



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