31 October 2009

Liverpool doesn't have the 2nd Team that ROCKS...

David Ngog is not really a Premier League item as yet.
  1. I have analyse and even gave it quite a serious thoughts on the defeat against Arsenal last Thursday. I think I still have some biff to express, some issues to deliberate, some pissing needs to clean-up...

  2. First, the team that was featured in the Carling Cup was not our first-eleven. Then it's supposed to be our second-eleven. Aside than Insua who has been the regular for the last few weeks, the rest are mostly used sparingly or as a subs or played only when the regulars crocked. Unfortunately, Skrtel found himself in this line-up, simply because he has been carrying some injuries picked during the World Cup Qualifying games.

  3. But Arsenal could also claimed the same, even though the line-up boast a rather still intriguing players such as Eduardo, Nasri, Bendtner, Senderos and Silvestre. And Bendtner scored the winning goal. My mind won't want to lie nor manipulate those facts. Arsenal was also presenting more and more opportunities to the kids that have been groomed and developed, and hell it proves something very worthy with the win against Liverpool.

  4. What my mind would say is that Liverpool is simply a first-eleven team. We don't have a reliable second-eleven like what Arsenal could muster. Not much can be debated about money since Arsene Wenger didn't really utilised his money for the last few seasons, especially after getting rid of Adebayour, though he did bought that Russian boy.

  5. So we don't have any hopes if we kept on relying it on the hands of players such as Ryan Babel, Andriy Voronin, Dossena, Lucas (well... he did pretty good in the ManUre win...), David Ngog. The youngsters we got such as Plessis, Spearing, Eccleston are just not up to it as yet.


A rare and expensive experience to watch Liverpool and Nemeth scored twice against Singapore, last July 2009
  1. Now my memory keep telling my heart to question Rafa's decision to loan out Christian Nemeth to AEK Athens. The boy has been scoring left & right in the youth set-up. The excuse given was for Nemeth to find more playing experience, since the quota for such strikers are already full at Liverpool.

  2. Well Rafa, David Ngog surely has reach the point where he is evaluated and the result should be only B. He is not good enough for Liverpool. I don't care about the fact that he scored in the ManU match because what is more important is for him to score on a regular basis, when ever he is picked to play. Which is not the reality.

  3. What I am worried is that the goal against ManUre for Ngog would be something we would cherished with sadden feelings, similar to Neil Mellor's surprised winning goal against Arsenal at Anfield in 2004. Mellor didn't even make it to the regular team sheet. And I'm not sure if Mellor is still with Preston.

  4. In this argument, it is prudent for Rafa to recall Nemeth now, and bring him back for the squad in January. Of course I don't know what is his development there in Greece, but most of us must have seen and witness how Nemeth could do better than Ngog. After all, unlike Ngog - Nemeth has been nurtured and groomed in our own football academy. I had the privilege last July to watch personally Nemeth scored two goals against Singapore. The goals wasn't a simple tap-in but something you get to see always in the Premier League.

  5. Someone must find a way to tell Rafa that Nemeth should be recalled in January. Well, this argument is valid only when it is confirmed that Rafa would not be given any money to buy a high-class striker in January.

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