05 October 2009

Chelsea 2 - LFC 0

XC60 is really gorgeous. Look closely on the rear window. Ain't that LFC sticker a stunner and simply blend in with this luxury SUV...

  1. We didn't lose to Chelsea. But Didier Drogba. My god he was the epitome of both Chelsea's goal. He got away with murder, in fact. He pushed Skrtel, he was back to his best - play-acting and diving to no limits. A slight touch and he went to the ground as if he was shot by Oswald.

  2. And as for Benayoun. The goal-post was too small for him tonight. hehehe... I couldn't be agree any less. Well, it's just not gonna be our night. So be it. So no football talking this week. I shall refocus my attention to my second passion - cars. This week, I shall be test-driving a Jaguar. Tomorrow I have to wake up early to photo-shoot the Volvo XC60 in my porch since last Friday. Adios amigos!


Anonymous said...

Cheer up,for me losing or winning,Liverpool stil the best football club in the world.
Still a long way to go my Kop brothers, football is the art of impossible.Hopefully after Chelsea match Rafa finally dump Leiva and Babel.

Bob From Kuching

z i z o u said...

Its Grammy for Dog-bark!

SwapNAVY said...

dog-bark like as a puppet dance in the planet of the apes..

Mr Jan RoxStar said...

i just wondering why rafa didnt using benayoun as his first choice midfield after gerrard?

- cfc.my -

gary said...


enjoy :)



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