17 January 2010

To the boiling point - another pile of low class performances

David Ngog gets a hand in the face for his trouble as he goes up for a header with Andy Wilkinson.

  1. You and I have been here. Perhaps, one too many already. The feeling of frustration and pissed-off intertwine and worst of all, we seems to be stuck in this sorry state and couldn't find any way out. Is it so bad, we might ask ourselves this morning?

  2. I say yes. Because last night's game was ours to grab. Stoke City was no push-over. The beating we get in front of our goal has nothing to do with their strikers or attackers. What Stoke has was a pure luck. That arose from our own incompetency. The Liverpool fullbacks was funny. Every time the Stoke's players got on an attacking mode, they seems to be likely to score. Every time they managed to secure a corner, it was like them against one Pepe Reina. And the equaliser was inevitable. As you can see, Stoke didn't really play to win, they have tried in the first half but when we scored first, they only wanted to get even. That's when the momentum changed.

  3. The Liverpool attacks was impotence. David Ngog might as well be benched as he can't even hold or stop the ball for a second. His minder Andy Wilkinson could have jotted in his personal resume that he had successfully silence Ngog the whole time. I say, last night Liverpool play without out-and-out striker. And it wasn't the first time. Thus the goal came from our fullback.

  4. Rafa would give the same lame excuses. We don't have any money to spend on a striker. You can say that when Torres is fit. When he is not, Ngog is definitely not the next best thing.

  5. Now Rafa is facing more and more pressure. Some UK newspaper contemptuously playing an absurd article about Gerrard that he is ready to quit Anfield. The absurdity was so crystal clear when you read the article line by line and you'll noticed that the writer (Bob Cass of The Daily Mail) didn't bother to quote anyone, not even a source! He was just making his own assumption and playing around with emotions. What a standard of journalism!

  6. This Thursday, Liverpool will be meeting Tottenham (a reschedule match, postponed due to the snowy weather last week). I dread to think of the outcome, I scared that with Tottenham we might as well get a thumping as this team is not the same class with Stoke City which unfortunately, based on last night's performance - was on par with Liverpool.


Amberan said...

Tough luck, rotten luck, ball hit the bar, clear penalty not given. All these things wins you game, and we aren't getting any of it at the moment.

aremierulez/Amirul said...

Ngog really sucks...
he can't even hold the ball more than 5 seconds...

it sucks! last minute goal.. again!




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