31 January 2010

LFC 2 - Bolton 0 (lack of killer instinct)

  1. Relieved is a more accurate word to describe what I felt after watching the match last night. Relieved that we have a superb, hardworking forwards like Dirk Kuyt, more and more reliable new youngsters like Emiliano Insua and a magnificent saved by Sotirios Kyrgiakos. The match also proves that David Ngog doesn't belong in the Liverpool squad. He is so disappointing and embarrassing.

  2. One particular news attracted my attention this morning, that Sunderland has acquired Robbie Keane from Tottenham Hotspur and thus, enabling Kenwyne Jones to join Liverpool, or so it seems. Watching Ngog failure after failure to convert a goal (even when he was given an open wide goal post, he still squandered the opportunity), and in the absence of our superstar, Fernando Torres - I think Ngog must be replaced ASAP.

  3. I am so desperate to think of David Villa that the likes of Kenwyne is sufficient, as long as Ngog is replaced. All this while, he was given the opportunity and he kept on failing to fulfill the gap. Because we are Liverpool, such second grade performance is intolerable. I don't know if Kenwyne can do better than Ngog, but as far as I can remember watching his game, Kenwyne won't be easy to mark because of his physical (tall and big) and he has a pace to match Ngog who never managed to hold a ball more than two steps.

  4. Next game will be another crunch match and something I will ensure not to miss. Against a good team of Everton. Yeah. Tim Cahill scored again last night. Same way he demolished Liverpool before. During a corner shot, he ran unnoticed into the crowd and head the ball in. Authentic Cahill. What if Rafa make a deliberate attempt by luring Cahill to become a Red Merseysider next summer?


Mr Yadayada said...

cahill is always dangerous on the set-piece...
but for him to join a direct rival?

aremierulez/Amirul said...

hope jones can be more better than ngog..




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