22 February 2010

ManCity 0 LFC 0 (The most BORING game, EVER!)

Mancini couldn't stand the way his team played. Similar with Rafa who look bewildered...

  1. When I said BORING, it doesn't mean only when we win it's not. It's so boring when there was hardly any attempt on the goal, either side. It was like a test of defensive tactics. Whom ever make a mistake, they would be the losing side. Both teams had their moments of stupidity, luckily the finishing was lousier. Or the goalkeeper was better.

  2. It was a handball by Adebayor but ``missed'' by the ever so-lenient ref (who gave us 6 yellows) and made a good shot at Reina. It could have gone in and another sorry misery.

  3. Rafa tinkered again in this match by having Kuyt as the number one forward with Gerrard behind him. It was good. But also bad. Simply because all this while, Kuyt from the right flank who have been supplying the crosses. When he's up there, no one managed to replicate that. And I don't even want to mention Babel. 15 minutes to the end, with Benayoun on the left and Torres at the front, only then did Kuyt returned to his habitat. But the defence of Man City was so tight and for that, we must commended them. No wonder the newly-rich club managed to dent Man.United and Arsenal with their new line-up.

  4. Some of the news report, is so funny when they presented their case as Liverpool `failure' to defeat Man.City. I think it is incorrect. With a 200 million pounds squad, it is Man. City who `failed' to topple a depleted Liverpool. Torres was there but he just came in for the last 15 minutes, after four weeks of medical leave. Same goes to Benayoun.

  5. But look at Man. City, the Chelsea-pretender. Even without Tevez, they still have Adebayor and Bellamy. And that newly-acquired Adam Johnson from Middlesborough. What a revelation he was! He actually dancing on the pitch. And what was the respond of our defenders? Clipped him! hahaha...

  6. But the game is a dour. Boring. I hardly could forced myself to sit up on the sofa. There's nothing to get excited about. Boring. Boring. Boring.

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Mr Yadayada said...

it was indeed very dull.
but england's future seems rather bright with the performance of adam johnson.
not so bright for Liverpool as we've seen, without torres, benayoun n gerrard performing properly, we are nothing...



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