20 November 2009

Can Manchester City beat Liverpool?

The crazy illustration was taken from boxofficefootball.com without asking them...

  1. Albeit the banters and the smirk for all the misery of the struggling Liverpool at the moment, the only joke that persistent is that Manchester United is the only odd team that failed to demolish Liverpool who has been on a no-win streak for a good 7 straight games til now.

  2. This is one important moment of the season. Among the fans, the morale are low and the confidence is a disarray. While the first 15 minutes of the game, many would thought that Liverpool might eventually win any particular game, then the opposition score 2 and the whole dimension of the match changed. Instead of aiming for a win & 3 points, then it became trying to equalised and a single point. And 5 games already we lost all the catching up work. If our front forward couldn't score, don't expect we'll win the game.

  3. Having our Captain nowadays also didn't help much, in particular when his other 10 players are not on the same par with him. Well, according to the news reports that I browse through just now, we probably will see the two pillars of Liverpool (Gerrard and Torres) will feature in the game tomorrow night. That will be good because we need to win after a miserable October and November. We must start winning games in December onwards.

  4. The urge to win is more desirable with the reports saying that 80% Premier League Managers expect Manchester City will be challenging for the Top 4 Spot real soon. If that's so and the fact that they are a mini-Chelsea outfit, Manchester City sooner or later might just achieve that. But it shouldn't be in the expense of Liverpool. We're the favourite target to be ousted from the Top 4 slots, unless we change the way we play and start winning games.

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Anti-Rafa said...

a 2-2 draw against Man City..I'd love to hear from those pro-Rafa lickers who would again parrot Benitez in offering a long list of excuses for dropping another 2 points.

Trust me, this will be the theme of the pro-Benitez supporters till the end of this season and also until Rafa gets the sack, whichever comes first.

Admit it, Rafa is finished, he can no longer inspire Liverpool. "Luck" is also deserting him.

So my question, when will we kickstart our season? In the words of Benitez, it was supposed to be the game vs MU. Then it was supposed to be the game against Man City..Well, why worry, there's always the next game to kickstart our season.If not the next game, then the game after the next game..until we run out of games..But then there's still the next season..It goes on and on and on until the end of time, with Benitez still in charge of Liverpool, offering the same kind of excuses.



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