21 November 2009

LFC 2 - Man.City 2

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  1. Without clinging to any emotional attachment, my argument for this another match that we failed to win, yet didn't lose is simply down to a really bad defending. Much that we would love to cherish Skrtel first ever goal for the club but he was the culprit for the Adebayour equaliser and then everybody was asleep to allow Ireland scored the second goal.

  2. I doubt if we can zoomed into Rafa's tactical strategy in this game. It was okay. The 2 injuries within the first 20 minutes could have disrupt his game plan but the replacement in Yossi, in particular - was somehow a blessing in disguised. Well, that sums up our season.

  3. I am so used now to see my beloved team failed to win the game. I'm sure all of you are feeling dejected. But that doesn't mean we must become a traitor to the club by singing the same song, sang by the rival fans or the ruthless UK media.


mazhad said...

hmmm...dissapointed.really hope for a win.really hope 2 see aquilani...

Anonymous said...

me too,aquilani should play last night.
Bob From Kuching

Anonymous said...

Rafa is a very stubborn man who I think is now at the stage of trying to just prove himself right with this system/marking/player selection etc. Trouble is, every game seems to prove him wrong & it's the club that's suffering.

Anonymous said...

Again ~ Rafa Benitez, produced a baffling dugout performance on this match against ManCity!

I guess he must be saving them for Wednesday's meeting with Debreceni ~ Debreceni who??,who have no points from four games in the gp stage, in a match that serves as little more than a Europa League eliminator?

Liverpool,Welcome to the Europa League and if you're lucky enough you could win this second mediocre of the continent's!!



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