30 November 2009

Carragher said we're the 2nd team yet managed to win...

After Man.U... Everton is a must win match for our deputy captain...

  1. It was a bit shocking but most of the pundits and fans alike would have to agree with Carragher assessment. The team still playing below par, except that a few good men plays with vigour, namely Mascherano, Kuyt and Pepe Reina. Mascherano speculative shot were diverted for the first goal (a popular one in Merseyside for many many moons!).

  2. Tim Cahill is still a torn in the butt and he almost cost us another humiliation but for the brilliant, world class keeping of Reina who denied Cahill and the ensuing follow up by that former Standard Liege player... wow... I shall not forget that save. It was a sure goal. Twice for that matter. And yet, Reina was excellent.

  3. Our Captain is still not at his level best. Thus the on and off performances. He was the instrumental one in securing the second goal, converted by Kuyt after a powerful blazed by Reira that couldn't be save by Tim Howard.

  4. My irritation is not so much towards the regular convict ... not Lucas even though he could, he should be more adventurous in front of the goal. Twice he was one on one with the opponent goalie, and yet he was easily subdued by Yobo and Distin.

  5. And so my wrath is dedicated to David Ngog. He failed miserably tonight. Freaking dumbo. His positioning was nowhere, he losses the ball more than Lucas, he can't passed, he's shot was a pussy and he was so easy to be defeated. I was enraged that he was only taken off after more than 70 minutes. He should have been out at the beginning of the 2nd half.

  6. Now, slowly we shall built our momentum from this win to walk on the December to register more wins. All of you, please stand up and be counted. We must regain our spirit. WALK ON! WALK ON! WALK ON!


mazhad said...

plg kcewa dgn ngog...

Anonymous said...

Liverpool were far from convincing. With this kind of display were are going nowhere. We will not be challenging for titles or cups.

Benitez's tactical know-how and his timing for substitution is much to be desired.

Remember, one win does not make a summer. We have had so many false dawns in the past. This season is no different.

Benitez isn't gonna be our saviour. Brace ourselves for further disappointments this season, exclusively brought to you by none other than Mr Benitez.

Khan said...

eh ..eh..

Johardy Ibrahim said...


Since we are all in a ``family'' and this blog practice an open dialogue, could you be so kind to intro yourself, or register or anything like that, so that we don't confused you with our rival fans. Please.

Claire said...

I reckon N'gog was alright. He has improved greatly this season.

Bringing on Benayoun and Reira really changed the game.

Benayoun should have come on a lot earlier. He has been one of our best players this season. And it would have been nice to see Aquilani coming off the bench. Perhaps both him and Yossi are injured.

We were outplayed and if I was an Everton fan that would've seemed very cruel. But I'm not, thank God, so hardy ha ha!



Johardy Ibrahim said...

aaa... We would like to welcome Miss Claire - a true Merseysider and suggest that all of you visit her blog - A girl's thoughts on football. Just click on her name and you'll reach her blog.

Though I still stand on my opinion of Ngog's lousy performances. hehehe



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