11 March 2012

3 defeats in a row, WHAT NOW?

The fans are demanding an explanation from the King for the poor, poor performance against Sunderland.

LAST week, we take heart of the way the squad lost to a sucker goal from van Persie. It was simply that the game was so entertaining and Liverpool players were trying their hardest to attack, attack and attack. So when the result didn't side to us, majority of us still can find the solace to accept the result, how bitter it could be. At least, we lost the game with a real fight.

But how do you summarised the game against Sunderland last night? Why did the game felt so hurting and frustrating?
In fact, it was the lousiest game I have ever watched the squad played. It's not as if the players never tried but it seems every one have lost the creativity and the eagerness. The decision to play Captain Steven Gerrard was a little too late in the game. The damage was irreparable. Instead of chasing the game to win it, we were forced to hunt for the elusive equaliser. 

If you notice in the replay of the solitary goal by Sunderland, Campbell had an easy route to muster that lethal shot. How? He had only two defenders to attend to. First it was Kelly, then Skrtel. And none of the defenders bothered to rush back, enabling the Arsenal reject to slot in the rebound. 

Compare that to when ever our strikers were closing into their penalty area. There were not less than six defenders. Automatically, Suarez faced with an impossible task to crush the wall. So King Kenny send in Andy Carroll. Then we saw the ugly game of long balls. But yet to no avail. You get what I mean? 

It shows the Sunderland defenders played in a more disciplined and motivated ways to built the necessary walls in front of their goalie. But ours? We tend to lose the midfield fight, leaving the three fullbacks wide exposed. So many times! One of it ended with that speculative shot that rebounded on the far post. Was it the mistake of Reina? It's a 50-50 saving. He could have touch the ball away but the ball went straight to the post before it rebounded to his body and on the pitch.

I am playing the blame-game now. Join me. I blamed the sorry-state of our midfielder. We lost there. Charlie Adams is not Steven Gerrarrd nor is he a Xabi Alonso and of course, we missed Lucas Leiva to the maximum. 

This is the bleakest hour for all of us Liverpool fans. We had this similar experience of three losses in a row during Roy Hodgson's era last season. Now Kenny Dalglish apparently managed to get even. I am pissed off (I just spend RM139 buying a LFC logo cuff ling yesterday!)

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Anonymous said...

See bro. I've been calling for kenny's axing weeks ago, despite the show being out on against arsenal. Too me there is no progress instead there has been regress. The team is not playing as fluidly as it did when Kenny took over last season. It's time to say that you and remember Kenny's own words: no player is bigger than the club. That will include its manager.



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