15 March 2012

LFC big win against Everton, but not Sunderland?

A pregnant Stevie Gerrard with his triplets against Everton 13 March 2012.

YES, the title of this article would be anti-climax. Everybody seems to prefer enjoying the win and the fact that our Captain Steven Gerrard has showed he is now fully fit with that beautifully taken-hat trick in the derby match against the small club. Of course, the win is vital to salvage some points left as the target for the Top Four lies on the luck of other clubs to falter in the next 9 matches. That would need a combination of luck, prayers and LFC must win ALL the remaining games. And not only that, the win against Everton is utterly important to boost the players morale after three straight loses in the Premier League matches.

On the other front, I would reiterate the same sentiment that I have printed here previously pertaining to the derby match. We, the loyal Liverpool FC fans from outside Liverpool, meaning the rest of the globe, couldn't really feel the urgency of the duel between the two neighbours in Liverpool. It is a bit puzzling if any of the global fans would admit they share the animosity because in Malaysia for example, we hardly could find those who openly admitting themselves to be a fan of Everton. We might find them once in a while, and one of them informed me that he started to like Everton when he studied in John Moore's University in Liverpool. In fact, there are quite a number of Malaysian studying in the university consistently over the time, either taking the first degree programme or post-graduates. I had tried to enlist there a few years ago and even managed to get one professor to reply to my queries. Unfortunately he said " No Way!''. He must be an Evertonian chap.

However, we do find many Manchester United's fan here in Malaysia. That's why the real 'derby' for many of us is not Liverpool vs Everton (knowing fully well LFC would win the match majority of the time, except during the bleak days last season) but Liverpool vs Manchester United. The way our compatriots in Anfield expressing their X-Rated words against the Manchester United players are shared 110% here in Malaysia. In Facebook, I removed 3 Manchester United fans who mocking me directly after that Wayne Rooney winning goal. I don't care if I lose those three. As far as I am concerned, all Manchester United fans can leave my Facebook account anytime they like. I'm not bothered nor do I have a penny of thought to do anything.

So we won the match against Everton. Two of the goals scored by Gerrard were assisted by Luis Suarez, a striker of great attention in the media prior to the match. Luckily, the win and the hat trick managed to sway the media focus on him for awhile. Apparently, the UK media loves to do a story on Suarez. More like a punching beg. Any dirt or any trick they could muster towards Suarez, they will use it to the maximum to ensure Suarez would be hated more and more, day by day. We, LFC fans are not stupid. We love Luis Suarez because the way he plays, ensure our win yesterday. He could have scored himself but instead, gave it back to Gerrard to register his 3rd goals for the night and broke Ian Rush record.

Lastly, how did the squad managed to play that good against Everton after just a couple of days before, we beaten by Sunderland. In terms of stats, Sunderland is below Everton and Everton is below Liverpool. Personally in my own opinion, Kenny Dalglish got it a bit wrong in the attacking formation during the Sunderland match as he delayed the insertion of Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt at the last 10 mins of the match. In the Everton game, Gerrard and Kuyt started the game. But as I have jotted above, it was Gerrard who made the different. So be it.

Now Kenny Dalglish must find a formula to unlock the Stoke City's bus, freight and plane-carrier tactics this Sunday to ensure the advancement in the FA Cup. 


Anonymous said...

I got one friend who deleted me from her FB account. Turns out she's a Manure fan. My theory is that she couldn't stand me posting many news of Liverpool on my wall almost daily. Well, it's her big loss. You got to be ready to receive some heavy banter as much as you like to give it to other people. It's part of being a football supporter.

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Majority of my posting is about LFC solely. I try my very best not to provoke Man U fans directly, in fact I dislike using explicit words against them or anybody. But the 3 who I removed fm my FB were OUT OF ORDER and disrespectful to say the least.

beemer said...

10 games left bro ..

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

10? Meaning we still have that "tiny weeni-meeni-mo" chance to grab that Last Four spot? LOL

Wan Gerrard said...

i do enjou ur reading, liverpool fans too :)

Me too have my own disrecpectful man u fans, some of their comment pretty funny

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...

Wan... At 2.35am, Bilbao is leasing 1-0 against MUFC. Agg 4-2. I wanna sleep now. Hopefully tomoro the numbers remain or higher goals for Bilbao. Now that would be pretty funny for MUFC! Hahaha



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