21 March 2012

Djibril Cisse is still loved by LFC

One of the best No.9 we had during the Rafalution era. (Picture taken from the Internet)

Ain't that sweet? Reading Cisse's statement on his stay in Liverpool. And the fact that he will be facing his former team tomorrow (4am Malaysia time) is one of the interesting motivation for me to wake up at the dead of the night, aside than ensuring another win for LFC after a good run in the last couple of matches.

I never failed to adore Cisse. I remember quite vividly the moment he was announced to arrived, only to be postponed due to the sternness of his French club to release him. He was bought by Houllier but by the time he came in, Rafa had replaced the French maestro. There was a genuine concerned that the new Spanish gaffer won't be using Cisse that much as he was Houllier's pick.

As time goes, it was apparent that Rafa was fair to Cisse. His tenure was blighted with that freaky accident where he broke his leg not once but twice. (the images from the video footage seems to stuck in my memory.... HATE IT...). The best part is that, Cisse reemerged from those serious injuries with a bang! 

And while he was always the centre of amusement for his weird hair styles and also his crazy automotive collections, Cisse became a player who is dear to majority of LFC fans. He went out of the club without making any fuss. That's the name of the game for him. As a professional, he'll go to the highest bidder. He didn't do things that would hurt the relationship with his former employer and especially the fans, by giving an outrageous statement as if he was dubbed or conned. Because it never was. 

If you're good, so you're good. If you don't score, why blame it on the rest... oh, I didn't get the assist that I needed. But why didn't you score when you had the opportunity in the penalty box? Such conundrum never raised by Cisse. He is not a Judas, a traitor. That's why his giant poster holding the Cup is on the wall at Anfield now. 

Tonight he will lead the attack for Queen Park Rangers. Good luck Mr Cisse. We love you but we love Liverpool FC more.


Wan Gerrard said...

i always remeber his fancy hairstyle :) good luck to cisse but liverpool need to win this

tokeysiber said...

for me Cisse was Houllier's Andy Carroll type of player. Big pricetag & also overrated.

utusanlfc (Johardy Ibrahim) said...


in some way you have a point there. but Cisse did scored the winning goals in the crucial matches.
Let's not compare Cisse with Carroll as yet. Or Carroll with any one til next season!!!



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